Saturday, 21 December 2013

Croesyceiliog North on Torfaen Coubcil Byelection

There was a Council byelection on Thursday (2oth Dec )  Croesyceiliog North on Torfaen Council which bypassed my RADAR  and probably most of yous as well..

December 20, 2013
Lab 227 (45.8%; -13.5)
UKIP 122 (24.6%; +24.6)
Ind 79 (15.9%; 8.3)
Con 55 (11.1%; -5.5)
PC 13 (2.6%; +2.6)
Lab Hold
Majority 105

Previou Election 2 seats May 2012

Lab 479 627
Ind 258 224 92
Con 175

So Labour hold the seat on a small turn out?

A  pretty good boost  for UKip an embarrassment  for the others, Plaid in particular

Whast this tell us I don't know apart from Ukip being the party of protest maybe

But with less people voting in total than the candidate at the previous election Indifference wins the day yet again

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Anonymous said...

this is plaid cymrus greatest result, is it not? 13 plaid revolutionaries read o change Wales?