Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nigel Dix in hot water and not for Nat bashing.

 Labour councillor  Nigel Dix is a  well known Nat Basher and member of True Wales who fought for a No vote in the last referendum
Now it seems he has little confidence in his own party members and  is  under investigation by his party after he sent an e-mail describing his local AM as “a joke”.
According to Wales on Line Dix, who represents Blackwood on Caerphilly council, made the comment about Islwyn AM Gwyn Price in a message to a friend that he inadvertently forwarded to Mr Price’s researcher and to every member of staff in the authority’s education department.
In the same e-mail he also described fellow councillor Gez Kirby, chief whip of the controlling Labour group on Caerphilly council, as a joke.....
In the thread of eight e-mails from earlier this month mistakenly forwarded by Mr Dix, he and his fellow Labour Party member and friend Andrew Whitcombe initially discuss the reselection prospects of Islwyn MP Chris Evans, who was confirmed as the constituency’s general election candidate last Friday.

They then move on to discuss whether Mr Price will seek re-election at the next National Assembly election in 2016. Mr Whitcombe states: “Gwyn has to announce by March. Who is favourite should he decide not to run?”

Mr Dixsends a message saying: “Oh joy”, to which Mr Whitcombe responded: “Is it right our pal Gwyn {Price} wants to go in {20}16 so Gez Kirby gets his seat and he gets Gez’s council seat and becomes leader?”

Mr Dix then responds: “They can dream on. Kirby is a joke, as is Gwyn, but they are not funny.”

Oh dear it looks like Cllr Dix is going to be pretty unpopular with his own party

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Anonymous said...

Nigel Dix and Rachel Banner are very good at criticising devolution and the performance of the Assembly, yet they conveniently forget that since devolution we have have 14 years of uninterrupted rule by their party!