Thursday, 24 January 2013

Underempoyed masks true nature of jobless.

For those who are unemployed and actively seeking work the fall in unemployment figures seem hardly believable and they are probably asking where are the jobs

Perhaps a report from the Office For National Statistics (ONS).last November reported that
One in 10 of all workers in the UK are now officially underemployed,
It says 3,050,000 workers want to work more hours each week, out of a total workforce of 29.41 million.
The number of workers in this position has shot up by 980,000 in the four years since the start of the economic recession in 2008.
Most of the underemployment is concentrated among part-time workers.
This problem of underemployment seems to particularly affect the poorer parts of society”
The ONS said 1.9 million of the underemployed were in part-time jobs and this meant, in turn, that 24% of all part-timers wanted more work.
By contrast, only 5.5% of full-time staff said they wanted to work more hours.
The ONS said the main reason for the growth of underemployment has been the economic downturn of the past few years.
"During this period many workers moved from full-time to part-time roles and many of those returning to work after a period of unemployment could only find part-time jobs," the statistical office said.
"Of the extra one million underemployed workers in 2012 compared with 2008, three-quarters were in part-time posts."

I have no figures for the amount of hours people were were working but lets say people wanted to work an extra 10hrs a week bringing them up to 35 hours .

That could mean that there are a equivalent of nearly a million more people jobless.

This masks the true nature of unemployment..

I've noticed a steady increase of part time Jobs being advertised in the last to years many for under 20 hours a week .

Taking a daily transport cost of £4 that could be £20 a week  from your wages making it for some hardly worthwhile.

For some it will be worthwhile it after all easier to find another job if you are in employment  and it would help your CV.

As the Government pats itself on the back we need a full investigation into the nature of unemployment and the extent of its growth.

We may be seeing of an iceberg that masks the whole nature of what the real jobless fguersare .

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