Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jonathan Edwards MP on ATOS and the attack on the disabled

I'm usually loath to use this blog to allow professional politician publicity . But  Plaid MP  Jonathan Edwards, speech on   Atos and the work capability assessment deserves as wide an audience as possible you can read it here.

You can sum it up however with just one example he gave of a constituent......
"In my surgeries, I have heard several harrowing and very sad accounts from constituents who have been subjected to impersonal and inhumane work capability assessments by Atos. One has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour, which cannot be completely removed because that would leave her paralysed. In August and September of last year she had radiotherapy to slow down the growth of the tumour, but in October she was told that it would grow back even more quickly, and that she would have to have further radiotherapy or she would die. I should add that this lady also has polyarthritis and asthma. Why has this lady been placed in the work-related activity group? Her doctors and consultants have specified that she should be placed in the support group as she is fighting for her life. Her only concern should be winning that battle".

All 650 MPs have probably experienced similar harrowing stories and some probably highlighted them . But all should be taking action on this and move to stop the abuse of some of the most vulnerable members of society,

Jonathan started his intervention by pointing out that "Atos and the work capability assessment should be seen in the broader context of the UK Government’s assault on, and "demonetisation" of, disabled people. 

He ends by pointing out that this attack stated with the last Government....
"As with a lot of current UK Government policy, this is a matter of completing the job left by the last UK Government; it is another example of the Labour-Tory tag team in action. Labour introduced WCAs in 2008 and signed up Atos. As a Welsh nationalist and a socialist, I believe an independent Wales would choose a different path, where Governments do not offer contracts to private companies to make profits from inflicting misery and suffering on the most vulnerable people in our society. We would treat people who need support with the dignity and respect they deserve".
How can those Tories, LibDem and yes Labour MPs when faced with these appalling outrages not hang their head in shame and vow to stop the  of the demonisation poor and vulnerable in order to pay off the crisis brought on by the greed of bankers and other financiers.

At least the Tories and LibDems have the excuse of the current crisis . Labour's assault started before it started.

At least the disabled iand vulnerable in Wales have Plaid to peak up for them . What of those in England ?

Well maybe the Greens but als they are not as yet strong enough to be fully heard.

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