Friday, 11 January 2013

A Prison Service we need not forced to accept

I think that many would like to see a new prison in North wales where offenders currently are sent long distances to complete their sentences

In 2008 a Proposal  for between 400-500 category C offenders - which is for those reaching the end of their sentence, those considered to be low risk, and those awaiting sentence was muted but despite support for it to be built in the Caernafon area. It came to nothing.

Currently there are five Prisons in Wales (2010)
                             Category    Population
Cardiff                     B             815
Swansea                  B/C         380
Parc/Bridgend          B            1187 (Private Prison)
USK                       C             426  
Prescoed                 D             426

Theres no provision for Women in Wales now we are told that North Wales is in the running for a massive new "super prison" that could house more than 2,000 inmates .

It's one of three areas being considered for the project across England and Wales.

The new building would be the largest prison in the UK and bring millions of pounds to the local economy.

The plans would also see a new mini jail built on the Parc prison site at Bridgend.

So North Wales could find itself with a Prison it doesn't want . Whilst having the prison it needed rejected

Its typical of this government that we are seen as a site for overspill of Prisoners from outside Wales rather than .getting what we have ben  looking for.

I would like to see the Prison population reduced but recognise we need to imprison a number of prisoners.

But the UK already imprisons far to many people having the highest per capita in the EU.and we need to consider alternatives and reduce the prison population not increase it.

We don't need a 2000 population prison. We need smaller prisons which serves local needs and we urgently need  provision for a Women 's prison here.

Once again we need this devolved to the Welsh Assembly and get a Prison service that meets the needs of Wales. Not the agenda of a reactionary Westminster Government bowing to the Tabloid press  . Whether Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour.


Anonymous said...

We should not accept this prison nor campaign for it. The problems of criminality in England are not our problems.

In a few years time we'll have our own legal system and criminal justice system. Even Carwyn Jones is in favour of that. The way we will deal with crime will be different to England. We should not therefore be part of the English criminal system.

What'g going on - MPs campaiging to have a mega prison in Wales as if it were a good thing; the FM asking for nuclear warheads to be located in Wales; Labour's plan for 320,000 new homes turning Wales into one big green-field site for England's growing population - the population boom Labour caused when they allowed 2 million people into the UK at a time when there were a similar number of long-term unemployed.


Cibwr said...

What we need in Wales is a men's prison in North Wales and women's prisons both in the north and in the south. They need to be community prisons - not huge privately run battery prisons.

glynbeddau said...

Agee Cibwr