Monday, 7 January 2013

Glyn Davies. I like UKIP?

I must use today's blog to once again apologise to Liberal Democrat Lembit Öpik .

Like many reading this I gave a small cheer when he lost his seat to Glyn Davies. Believing the latter to be an affable, moderate even progressive Conservative

But from some of his recent Blog  it seems Glyn, has shifted to the right his latest piece Lets love bomb Ukip. seems to be that he supports much of UKIP  policy he writes
'......Most Ukippers I know are sensible patriotic people who detest bureaucracy, hate public sector waste, and are generally good and friendly folk. I also always find their instinct generally quite 'Conservative'. Can't recall engaging a Ukipper in conversation that I didn't like. Of course I don't agree with Ukip on everything, but we as Coalition partners don't agree on everything either. In fact I don't agree with my own party on everything. I just think we should address Ukip with Rees-Moggian politeness and style, and let them know how much we love them, and how much we would like them back in the fold. I reckon that in 2015, most of them will be.
I don't agree with the argument that UKIP are just the BNP in better suits and indeed its a slur: But they are a right wing party based on British (English) Nationalism who regard the Tory party as to moderate and not just over Europe.

As Glyn pointed out his leader has a different view of UKIP

Seems that our Prime Minister is still not over-enamoured with Ukip activists/supporters. On Marr today he said some of them were 'pretty odd', which is being interpreted as 'insulting'. Since I think being 'pretty odd' is an essential requirement of anyone taking an active interest in politics, I do not consider this to be at all insulting. I've certainly been called a lot worse, without feeling at all offended. And I think David Cameron has called Ukip supporters something like 'fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists' in the past, so the relationship is clearly 'warming'. 

Well Cameron's, got this right at least . Of course both Cameron and Glyn Davies recognise that UKIP are probably a danger to the Conservatives more than any other party and  it gives the Tory  Anti-EU faction ( a big faction) cause to push the Tories further to the right

Still perhaps Glyn Davies can explain what he agrees with UKIP supporters on . Opposing devolution for example?

Love Bombing UKIP will only boost them . They are already the darlings of the right wing press and with the European Elections in 2014 expect greater support from the media.

But moderate Conservatives should take them on and expose their far right policies not cuddle up to them.

But is Glyn Daives a moderate politician?


Anonymous said...

'I must use today's blog yo once again apologise to Liberal Democrat Lembit Öpik .

Like many reading this I gave a small cheer when he lost his seat to Glyn Davies. Believing the latter to be an affable, moderate even progressive Conservative'

I don't understand how anyone one the left could cheer a Tory victory, whatever Opik's quirks, and despite the online smear campaign against him, surely there was never any real doubt that he was better than a tory?

On GD's cosying up to UKIP, it's the same as his objection to boundry changes pure opportunism, he wants to keep his seat and sees ukp as a threat. He isn't worried about them taking the seat but thinks they could dent his majority and let the Lib Dems or an independent in.

glynbeddau said...

Lembit may be better than a Tory but the people of Montgomery shouldn't have has to put up with him for that reason. Having a Tory for 5 years may well have been worth the price .