Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ugly Unionism in Scotland.

For the second post running the so called progressive  Blog Left Foot Forward and their devolution correspondent Ed Jacobs are disappointing.

Jacobs reports that Flag protesters have Scotland in their sights as Belfast violence continues and that the Daily Herald is  reporting demonstrators supporting protests against the decision by Belfast city council to no longer fly the union flag over the town hall every day are to set their sights on Scotland’s deputy first minister, Nicola Sturgeon

The Herald report states that 
DEMONSTRATORS supporting the Loyalist Union flag dispute in Northern Ireland are turning their attention to Scotland's independence referendum, with a protest planned against senior SNP figures next week.
The protesters are planning to picket Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's constituency office on Glasgow's south side a week on Saturday.
One demonstrator said the protest at Ms Sturgeon's office was a "no to independence and to protect the union", adding the pro-Union "Better Together" campaign did not represent their views.
A recent flags rally in Ayr was also billed as a "pro-Union event", with some involved having told The Herald they are now as much anti-independence rallies as they are in support of the Loyalist protests across Northern Ireland.
The protests stem from the decision by Belfast Council to only fly the Union flag on designated days, which has sparked protests, riots, violence, intimidation of politicians and attempted murder of police. Despite this, the Scottish protests have passed without incident.
One protester wrote on Facebook: "All the rallies have been peaceful but enough's enough. Sturgeon is forgetting her history and needs reminding. We're standing firm with Ulster as we have since 1912."
A spokesman for the pro-independence "Yes" campaign, of whose advisory board Ms Sturgeon is a member, said: "The 'Yes' campaign is focused on a positive message on the future of Scotland."
Herald Friday 4th Januuary 2013

 What I find disturbing is that Jacobs, does not see the Irony of posting this under the "Britain We All Call Home category " or seek a commemoration from the Better Together campaign .

Left Foot Forward is not a Blog of lone individual sitting on a bedroom but a sophisticated organisation with direct contacts to the Labour Hierachy..

Or are the Union side in the Independence debate content to see the ugly side of Unionism coming to Scotland in the hope that somehow it will blacken Scottish Nationalism  more than their cause of people start making a comparison with Northern Ireland.

We need Unionist in Scotland and the rest of the UK to dissociate from this Ugly side of their cause immediately.

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