Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cameron Euro Gamble Is A Diversion.

I consider myself a democrat and therefore could not oppose an in out referendum on the UK membership of the European Union if there was a significant call for one.

However it seem strange that a Prime Minister, is calling for a referendum in which he will call for a Yes vote.

Of course Cameron,  is arguing that that depends on him being successful in repatriating  a number of powers most of which seem to be social policy that have benefited workers . Which the Tory party hate.

So its about regaining the powers to make life for the ordinary worker harder.

But in reality this is not about repatriating powers or even an in out referendum.

Its about fighting the next election on Europe in which the Tories, will dangle the referendum whilst portraying Labour in particular as opposed to the referendum and therefore gaining votes of British voters opposed or dissatisfied with the European Union.

The idea of Cameron fighting a General Election on a Euro sceptic referendum platform and then as Prime Minister joining the Labour Leader on a YES campaign is ludicrous.

Interestingly the Europe: Public mood “more pro-membership than for some years polls seem to show that since Cameron announcement  or rather his announcement of an announcement. the p public mood “more pro-membership than for some years”

Yougov January 21 2013

Though it does seem that the change is largely on party lines full detail here

Cameron gamble that  his referendum gamble may work and that there will still be a yes vote may work . But he may not fol the public.

Indeed the long term done to the economy as the indecision due to the length of time before a referendum may well blow up in the face .

In 2015 the voters in the UK may well say to him "Its the Economy Stupid"  particularly  if he fails to repatriate or looks like he may repatriate any powers in the next two years.

He may well win over some UKip supporters but it even seems that Poll suggests many Tory voters will return if Government delivers on welfare, immigration and the deficit and Europe is not the major issue

Cameron hope that Europe will divert voters from the economy may be a forlorn one and a policy that could be even more damaging in the long wrong .

It needs to be exposed as the diversionary tactic that it is

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