Thursday, 17 January 2013

Alun Michael advertising for a deputy and an assistant.

The Western Mules Martin Shipton reports that South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael is today advertising for a deputy and an assistant.

In contrast to some other Commissioners, the former Labour MP has decided to recruit via open competition.

He said: “These roles are open for anyone to apply so that the process of recruitment is clear and transparent.

The two posts, which will be paid pro rata to £65,886 per year for a full-time appointment, will support the Commissioner in fulfilling his responsibilities. Duties will include working with the Commissioner and with the Chief Constable and his team, with local authorities and a range of agencies, voluntary organisations and community groups across south Wales, liaising with other Commissioners in Wales and England, and helping to generate long-term plans to reduce the impact of crime and disorder on the people and communities of south Wales.
Western Mail January 16th 2013
Mr Michael is also advertising for a chief financial officer.

If the process is truly open then its most welcome . I imagine the few people who voted did not know they were also voting for the PPC to appoint their Deputy and others and this could in some cases mean political cronies or their campaign manager.

Still I'm looking forward to the jobs appearing on the Directgov's new pisspoor Universal Job Match or will they be restricted to Advertising in the Mule and South Wales Echo?

Of course it could end up with Alun Michael finding that the best candidate for his Assistant may be the failed Labour candidate for North Wales . There's no doubt he would be qualified for the job. But appointing your son may be going a bit too far?

Nevertheless there's always a suspicion that Alun Michael Open Contest will be teh same as jobs advertised in the newspaper  by local authorities which have already decided to appoint an internal candidate.

The proof may be in the eating . But even then, as the latest Beef -burger scandal has shown despite reading the label we don't really know what the real contents are.

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Anonymous said...

Naz Malik is looking for a job!

I dont think anyone will be shocked if someone who just happens to be a Labour supporter, and English of course, turns out to be "the best person for the job"