Tuesday, 27 October 2020

"Welsh" Greens to campaign for Independence.

 Even though you tend to  support one political party , there are times when you consider switching your vote if you feel that that party has gone in the wrong direction, has become tired and stale , or you feel it needs a good kick up the ass.

For Independista in Wales for a good while  there has been no alternative to Plaid Cymru but it now seems there are three.

GWLAD are a centre-right party though they claim "We will not tie ourselves to an ideology ", which rises my suspicion and have in the past labelled progressive politics as "Cultural Marxism" and suport Brexit.

The Welsh National Party  also seem to eschew ideology, apart from Independence , but seem to a populist party centred around Neil McEvoy who in January 2018 he was expelled from the Plaid Cymru group in the Welsh Assembly,] with a spokesperson stating that "his ongoing behaviour has left Assembly Member colleagues feeling undermined and demoralised".

Now there seems a new/old party on the independence scene with the The Green Party in Wales has voted in favour of backing Welsh independence at a future referendum.

At the Wales Green Party conference last week  members voted in favour of the amendment: “In the event of a referendum on Welsh independence, the Wales Green Party commits to campaigning in favour of seceding from the United Kingdom.”

Emily Durrant, the Green Party County Councillor for Llangors ward in Powys and their candidate in Mid and West Wales at next year’s Senedd elections, said that it was “a huge day for the party and an important day for me personally”.

The Wales Green Party is a semi-autonomous political party within the Green Party of England and Wales.

The current Leader of the Wales Green Party is Anthony Slaughter, with Duncan Rees and Lauren James as Deputy Leaders.

Wales-wide decisions are taken by the Wales Green Party Council which is composed of the spokespeople, elected officers, and a representative from each local party.

In his speech at today’s conference, Anthony Slaughter said they were aiming to elect their first Senedd Member at next May’s elections.

“This is our chance, our opportunity to get our radical message heard, to truly engage with the people of Wales, with our communities, to challenge the stale ‘business as usual’ status quo,” he said.

“This will be our chance, our opportunity to make that historic breakthrough and get the elected Green representation in the Senedd that Wales so desperately needs.

“These challenging times demand urgent and radical action. Warm words and soundbite slogans are not enough.

“Wales Green Party’s bold and ambitious plans for a Green New Deal for Wales will deliver the changes needed in Wales, providing safe, secure lives for all and ensuring carbon reduction targets are reached at the scale and pace needed to tackle the Climate Emergency.”

This may help some Plaid supporters  to give their second vote to the Greens as has happened with some Independistas  in Scotland backing the Scottish Greens on the regional list vote.


SNPLabConLib DemGreenUKIPBrexitOtherLead
Ipsos MORI/STV News2–9 Oct 20201,04558%13%19%8%1%2%39%
Savanta ComRes9 Oct 20201,00350%18%23%6%2%27%
Survation2–7 Sep 20201,01853%18%20%7%2%33%
Savanta ComRes6–13 Aug 20201,00851%17%24%6%2%27%
YouGov/The Times6–10 Aug 20201,14257%14%20%8%1%1%37%


Regional List

SNPConLabGreenLib DemUKIPBrexitSSPOtherLead
Ipsos MORI/STV News2–9 Oct 20201,04548%18%14%9%8%28%
Savanta ComRes9 Oct 20201,00341%21%18%11%7%1%20%
Survation2–7 Sep 20201,01842%18%18%10%8%2%2%<1%24%
Savanta ComRes6–13 Aug 20201,00843%21%17%10%8%2%22%
YouGov/The Times6–10 Aug 20201,14247%21%14%6%7%1%4%1%26%
As you can see the fall of 10 in the SNP is matched by a rise in the Green vote  , which could suggest , that it  voters see that a SNP landslide in the constituency vote would move that their vote is wasted in the regional list vote.

Now there is a caveat in that not all the Scottish Greens  support Independence but what matters here is that their MSP  vote for a second referendum.

However this is not replicated in Wales Plaid are not heading for a Landside and can't afford to lose votes on the Regional list .

However things change and if the move towards YES in Wales continues going there may be a time , when the Green/Independence vote grows.

However for it to do so they need to emulate the Scottish Greens and become an Independent Party.

It is a Catch22 dilemma they need to extend their Welsh membership in order to become a separate party , but  unless they do they will be also rans when it comes to Parties backing Independence,

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Green Party of England and Wales (Semi-autonomous)
Cooperate with (but are independent from) the Scottish Green Party and Green Party in Northern Ireland