Thursday, 8 October 2020

The "English" First Minister keeps his contemporaries in the dark.


When the Daily Express refers to Leaked document showing Boris Johnson 'hid plans from devolved nations as a "Brexit Bombshell" then you know something is seriously wrong

They say. leaked documents show Boris Johnson hid Brexit plans from Scotland, Wales
The leaked Brexit planning documents published by Guido Fawkes shows Westminster attempted to hide information about Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans including details of the controversial UK Internal Market Bill. The Bill which has now become public has been branded by SNP as a "power grab" from the Scottish Parliament.

Another document on the food supply, which warned of “a tightening of supply" and "reduced supply availability, especially of certain fresh products” from Brexit also stated "Food is a devolved policy area.

It added: "We have not shared this assumption with DA [Devolved Administrations] as per handling instructions, but it will have an impact on DAs and their planning."

The leaked document came ahead of the UK Internal Market Bill which Westminster says will protect UK trade after Brexit but devolved nations fear i will force them accept new standards on food, environment and animal welfare agreed by the UK Government.

The documents, entitled "Transition period planning assumptions (central case)” were circulated to ministers in June, and contained detailed plans about subsidy controls which have now appeared in the controversial UK Internal Market Bill.
However the documents state clearly that several parts "should not be shared publicly or with the devolved administrations at this stage”.

They include paragraphs on revoking EU laws through statutory instruments, and on the UK government assuming control of state aid throughout the Internal Market Bill.

Another document explaining the 'reasonable worst case scenario' for food supply had a handling note accompanying it, which stated it should also not be shared with devolved administrations.

It read: "We are dependent on BPDG [Border and Protocol Delivery Group ]/DfT [Department for Transport] for the extent and duration of disruption. 

"Food is a devolved policy area. We have not shared this assumption with DAs [devolved administrations] as per handling instructions but it will have an impact on DAs and their planning." 

The worst case scenario document outlined 'a tightening of supply and an increase in demand for certain agri-food products, but not cause an overall food shortage. The effect of this disruption is likely to be reduced supply availability, especially of certain fresh products”.

Nation Cymru report that 

The Welsh Government have called for an “urgent meeting” after a leaked document showed that the UK Government hid their Brexit plans from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“This further corrodes trust in the UK government which is already at a low ebb following the publication of the Internal Market Bill, a direct attack on devolution,” the Welsh Government said.

“Over the last two years, we’ve put the interests of our country first by setting aside our political differences and working constructively with the UK Government and the other devolved administrations to make sure we’re all as well prepared as we can be for the fundamental change in our relations with the EU which is coming.

“We’re now calling on the UK Government to do the same and are requesting an urgent meeting with them to press home this point.”

 Considering only two days ago te First Minister has said that Boris Johnson is "disrespecting the people of Wales" after the Prime Minister ignored a letter requesting he stop people travelling to Wales from areas of England with high coronavirus infection rates.

Speaking in Plenary at the Senedd, Mr Drakeford expressed his anger that Mr Johnson, who is also "the Minister for the Union", had still not replied to his letter after more than a week.

Responding to a question from Plaid leader Adam Price, Mr Drakeford said: "I share his sense of disappointment at the Prime Minister's apparent conclusion, and I say apparent because although he gave an interview in which he opined on this matter he is yet to reply to my letter to him of Monday last week."

The First Minister added: "I think that is deeply disrespectful, not to me but to the Senedd and to people here in Wales. I do expect to see a reply to that letter and I expect to see a rationale set out in that letter that explains why the Prime Minister appears to have come to his conclusion."

What is M rDrakeford going to do now?   Write another letter for the "English" Prime Minister to ignore?

I say "English " Prime Minister because in this case Boris Johnson is acting as that, and whereas he i in possession information which will affect people in England , his  contemporaries in Wales, Northern Ireland  and Scotland have no such information , because he choses not to share it.

I suppose Unionists could argue that that's the price  you pay for devolution, and maybe they have a point.

It shows that the devolution settlement is rotten to the core , because the Prime Minister of the UK who is also First Minister of England can favour is own nation over the other three, and it clearly  shows that the choice for us is Independence and a First Minister who works in our Interest.


dafis said...

Can't see Drakeford coming over all "gwladgarwr" and ditching the Union. Too much emotional investment and attachment involved. His focus longer term will be all about getting Sir Keir into the top job in London and then all will be rosy in his garden. Although there is something to be admired about his dogged style during this Covid crisis he will have to be displaced if we are to advance this nation's cause. There is very little prospect of that happening given Plaid's posture at present.

dafis said...

Now here's an example of a Plaid MS doing what needs to be done instaed of dashing off on tangents.

Just like Boris' daft regime in London, our Labour regime down the Bay has not paid anything like sufficient attention to matters outside the scope of the Covid crisis. It doesn't take a seriously smart person to see the other health risks as well as a multitude of social problems and costs that derive from these frequent "natural" disasters, many of which are not "natural" at all just the products of piss poor planning and absence of joined up thinking. Or is it the case that they don't care enough? Having a well rehearsed script that mentions grief, sorrow, commiserations, lessons learned etc etc will not suffice.