Saturday, 10 October 2020

I'm afraid Simon Calder is a "absolute f***ing knob".

Simon Calder is the "Travel Expert" the UK media turns to he to. He regularly  contribute to various BBC programmes, including The Travel Show] and Rip Off Britain[ as a presenter of short films and as an expert providing advice to consumers. He regularly comments as an expert on travel issues for other radio and TV stations.

Earlier this week he appeared   
ITV's This Morning on Monday to discuss  with presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to ask "Should you risk a half-term staycation?" 

The travel expert covered concerns over cancelled trips and made sure people knew their rights during his television slot.

One of Simon's tips, however, was that people could visit areas in mid Wales.

He pointed out Machynlleth in Powys and Aberystwyth in Ceredigion as possible getaway destinations among others.

His advice comes as much of south and north Wales are under local lockdown restrictions and Ceredigion perhaps the County in the UK  which has possibly the best record in keeping the affection rate low has seen its biggest rise probably due to returning students.

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Now the  travel expert who advised people to holiday in Wales says he has received the most intense abuse of his career as a result.

Simon Calder says he was called "a maggot" and an "absolute f***ing knob" and told to "f*** off and stay in England". Calder appeared on ITV's This Morning on Monday to discuss staycations for the upcoming half term holiday with presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

The segment covered concerns over cancelled trips and made sure people knew their rights as well as offering alternative holiday destinations in the UK.

­­During his slot he also suggested holidaymakers could visit mid-Wales for a short getaway, as areas of south and north Wales remain under lockdown. He specifically suggested Machynlleth and Aberystwyth as possible staycation locations among others.

It has ben a concern in Wales that those in parts of Wales who are under lockdown find that, people from across the boarder in England can travel through their counties , to places like Ceredigion even if they come from Corvis 19 hotspots. 

But some viewers criticised his advice to travel to Wales, which currently has 16 areas under local lockdown, and took issue over his final comment which was that "Wales is easy" in terms of being a place to spend a UK holiday.

One viewer wrote: "Nice one This Morning, advertising that everywhere to go on holiday is on lockdown except mid Wales? Maybe you should encourage everyone to stay at home instead of visiting mid Wales? Control the virus."

Another added: "Why on earth are you suggesting mid Wales for half term staycations as we are the only ones not in lockdown!! We will be after you send everyone here."

I used to admire Mr Calder for his in depth knowledge of far of lands and what to expect when holidaying there.

However Mr Calder like so many  London based "Experts" seem to have a blindspot when it comes what is happening to their closest neighbour.

Though I don't  often hold with online abuse , that which Mr Calder received is understandable , and I see no attempt by him , to apologise for his dangerous information.

Or Good Morning who should have followed up with a correction.

We have already had those travelling  from across the boarder claiming 2Boris said it would be all right" despite Wales having different Lockdown rules  and being turned back.

Now we have the UK media failing to find out what is actually happening here .
just as important that the current uK media are educated in what's happeing outside  London and the hub in Sheffield.

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dafis said...

So dim he might get into Drakeford's cabinet. Certainly dim enough to get into Boris' shabby gang.