Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Boris employs "Mushroom Management" when dealing with the devolved legislatures.


Neville Chamberlain showing the Anglo-German Declaration (the resolution) to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself, on his return from Munich on 30 September 1938dd caption

The picture of Neville Chamberlain , waving the piece of paper supposedly signed by Hitler and Chamberlin waving a piece of paper saying

"This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine. Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you,

is one of the  most iconic moments in world History.

At least Chamberlain managed to meet Hitler and get his signature, the Welsh Government has failed to receive any communique from Boris Johnson and the "English" goverment restrict people crossing the border into Wales from coronavirus hotspots and First Minister Mark Drakeford has confirmed he will write to Boris Johnson tomorrow in a final bid to convince the Prime Minister to do so.

Mr Drakeford has previously appealed to the UK Government to put travel restrictions in place to stop people coming from England into Wales, especially from areas with high infection rates into areas with low infection rates.

Speaking on BBC Wales Today on Monday evening, the First Minister said closing the Welsh border was "not the preferred option" but that the Prime Minister's guidance "simply will not do."

"North Wales Police cannot stop someone and turn them around simply because they're not following guidance," he said.

"We need rules that prevent people from high incidence areas coming into Wales, to areas with low incidences of the virus."

Mr Drakeford said he would be writing to the Prime Minister on Tuesday showing the harm being done by those coming into areas of Wales with low infection rates, to give Mr Johnson "one final opportunity to do the right thing."

"We've got that evidence, we'll share it with the Prime Minister. I will set out the powers that we have, and if he doesn't act, we'll use them.

"I want to give him one final opportunity to do the right thing. Because that would be fair to people in Wales and people across the border.

"The Prime Minister needs to act. He has the power, he has the authority, what he lacks is the willingness. He needs to find that."

Meanwhile Nation Cymru report that

Plaid Cymru have called on the Wesh Government to “stop dithering” and use their powers to stop travel from high-Covid areas of England into Wales.

It was confirmed earlier today that there would be no restrictions on people from parts of England under the most severe lockdown from travelling into and staying in parts of Wales that aren’t under local lockdown.

The Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething earlier revealed that there was evidence of transmission of Covid-19 as a result of people coming in from high infection areas of England into Wales. However, the Welsh Government has so far not implemented measures to restrict travel into Wales.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Plaid Cymru Westminster Leader Liz Saville Roberts MP said the rules as they stood were “unfair”.

“People from Conwy, with 122 cases per 100,000, are not permitted by Welsh law to make non-essential journeys into Meirionnydd next door, where cases stand at 18 per 100,000,” she said.

“Yet people in Liverpool, with almost 600 cases per 100,000 can still go on holiday in Gwynedd and Ynys Môn.

“People in Wales are asking the Prime Minister: how is this fair?”

In his response, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “guidance was clear” that people should not travel from very high-risk areas.

Speaking after the session in the House of Commons, Liz Saville Roberts MP said: “It now seems people will be asked nicely by the Prime Minister not to go on holiday from areas of high infection, but this does not go far enough and is clearly unfair to people subject to restrictions within Wales.

“People are rightly concerned that there is growing evidence that outbreaks in Wales are linked to the unrestricted movement of people from high transmission areas of England.

If we were in a "Union of Equals"  then the British/Prime Minister would be working with the First Ministers of the devolved legislatures

Instead he ignores them expects them to follow blindly follow his "lead" and obey his rules .

Even if he disagrees with the approach of  Arlene Foster (Northern Ireland0, Nicola Sturgeon(Scotland)  and our own Mark Drakeford  and considers the maxim "First among Equals)  applies here. I would be common decency to keep in contact with them.

Instead he employs a form of Mushroom Management", keeping the devolved governments  in the dark, except for the times he opens a door to throw shit at them.




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