Monday, 14 September 2020

The ERG are entryists in the Tory Party , why haven't they been fully exposed?

 Before the 2019 election all the sitting Consevatives MPs and candidates were required to support Boris Johnson's 2Oven Ready Brexit Deal" or be suspended and effectively deselected .

Now they are  told I to support  change the terms of the Northern Ireland Protocol, a crucial part of the legally-binding Withdrawal Agreement agreed by both sides prior to the UK's exit from the EU on 31 January.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the EU is interpreting the Protocol in a way that would impose a customs border in the Irish Sea, separating Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said the EU could not have been "clearer" when the two sides agreed the Brexit withdrawal agreement last year what the implications would be for Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.,

In the background is Jacob-Ress Mogg'sisi the European Research Group (ERG) who have  has been the most influential lobbying force in Westminster since Britain voted to leave the EU a year and a half ago, pushing May towards a hard Brexit by running an aggressive, disciplined, and highly organised parliamentary and media operation. 

Many new Conservative MPs elected in the 2019 general election joined the group. and a number were promoted to senior Cabinet positions.

Though we don't know the full extent of the ERG's membership even though it receives Tax Payers money.

Pinpointing the ERG's membership precisely is difficult, even with access to inside information, because of the group’s informal structure and varying interpretations of what level of participation constitutes membership. Some active participants disputed they are members because they do not formally subscribe to the ERG’s research.

One of the members of the ERG is Attorney General Suella Braverman  who Britain's top lawyers have accused Attorney General Suella Braverman of wrecking the country's reputation abroad with the Government plan to break international law over Brexit.

The Bar Council, the professional association for barristers, asked Ms Braverman how the UK could retain a 'shred of credibility' in demanding other countries follow international law while admitting its own intentions to breach those agreements.

Five QCs attacked the AG at Saturday's annual general meeting, emphatically telling her that someone committing a crime in a 'specific or limited way' nonetheless commits a crime, The Guardian reported.

The ERG  appears to be a form of  "entryism"  a political strategy in which an organisation or state encourages its members or supporters to join another, usually larger, organisation in an attempt to expand influence and expand their ideas and program. If the organization being "entered" is hostile to entrism, the entrists may engage in a degree of subterfuge and subversion to hide the fact that they are an organization in their own right.

The left-wing Momentum group has been accused of entryism and engaging in the Militant-style tactics, with movements made by prominent Labour MPs (current and suspended) to deselect MPs who did not support Jeremy Corbyn a tactic  (if it actually existed) was gleefully played by the UK media.

The European Research Group however is so successful that it controls the Consevative Party and has steered the UK towards a No-Delal Bresit.

Why? probably even the majority of ERG members really don't know and why thee ERG leadership  influenced Boris Johnson goverment to its current position where it is prepared to break a Treaty and becoming a World pariah .

Of course the simple answer is.

Follow the Money.

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