Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Labour see additional powers for Assembly as Turkeys voting for Christmas after Christmas.

I don't understand why but, the ICM/ BBC  AT David's Day poll does not have seemed to have much coverage .

It could be because as the pollsters point out.

"We see little change in opinions when it comes to the role of the Welsh Assembly. The most common response continues to be that the ‘Welsh Assembly should have more powers than it currently has’ (46%). If anything support for this option appears to be trending upwards, with 46% representing a two-percentage-point increase compared to February 2018 and being greater than at any time since September 2014. Support for independence remains at 7% (no change since 2018), while support for abolishing the Welsh Assembly hovers around 13% (+1").
I apologise if you have trouble reading it but it was the only way I could copy it to my Post Page you can see it clearly here.

Although 7% is disappointing it is clear they over half the population of Wales is heading in that direction, with only 16% for less powers / abolish the assembly .

It does seem that  whilst Anti-Devolution forces  Ukip/Abolish Assembly party may have enough t support it could see them winning seat in the next election under the current
system the trend and the majority is heading the other way.

Indeed it is odd that the Unionist Parties (apart from maybe the Lib Dems) seem content with powers remaining the same.

Of course the reality is that they know full then from what has happened in Scotland once a people have a taste of power they will only want more and will not be satisfied with power being handed down  piece meal from Westminster, but will eventually demand the lot.

So Labour in particular regard  seeking additional powers as the equivalent  of Turkeys voting for Christmas after Christmas, so they intend to  delay it as much as they can.

How long before the clear majority of Welsh voters will put up with it however is perhaps one of the biggest question in Welsh Politics?

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