Tuesday, 12 March 2019

For me Plaid are Plaid it's as simple as that.

It's not for me to tell Plaid Cymru what changes it should make, but I find it strange that it thinks it needs a name change.
The BBC reports that 
Plaid Cymru struggles to present itself as an all-Wales party and should think about changing its name, a former SNP MP has said.
Angus Robertson says the party needs a "more inclusive brand" that appeals across the country.
The report proposes that Plaid considers changing its name, saying New Wales Party merited discussion.
Adam Price proposed the name change during his successful campaign in last year's leadership contest.
 The former SNP Westminster leader was commissioned by Mr Price to review the party's operations.
In excerpts published in New Nation, a magazine of the Novo Cambria think tank launched by Plaid Cymru, he said: "There should be a more inclusive brand for the party.
"Choosing the name Plaid Cymru Newydd/New Wales Party - as suggested during the leadership campaign - may be one way forward and merits discussion.
"The party must find a strap-line message that speaks to Wales a whole.
"This must project a dynamic, positive and inclusive impulse around renewal."
He said that the close relationship Plaid Cymru has to the language means the party 
"is seen as solely the party of and for the Welsh language".
"In turn this means that Plaid struggles to reach out to non-Welsh speakers, and because the Welsh-speaking areas are by now geographically confined, Plaid also struggles to present itself as an all Wales party."
This creates a"fundamental dilemma" for the party, he said, with members strongly committed to the language and "its inherent importance".
"In responding to these dilemmas there needs to be a determined effort to craft an image and a message that will find a common appeal across the whole of Wales,
Can anyone really think that people will be going to the polls in a few years time saying that they are going to the polls to vote for "New Wales".

Can it really be that calling themselves Plaid Cymru for nearly a hundred years has failed because it is in Cymraeg?

Who would think if they were no known as the Welsh National Party (WNP) and "Plaid Cymru" reduced small fonts it would mean we emulate our friends in Scotland.

In Ireland Fianna Fáil meaning 'Soldiers of Destiny' or 'Warriors of Fál'),is officially Fianna Fáil – The Republican Party[17] (IrishFianna Fáil – An Páirtí Poblachtánach),
Fianna Fáil logo 2011.svg

Who in Ireland ever refers to them as the Republican Party ot An Páirtí Poblachtánach)?

How long can you refer yourself as the "New" Wales Party?

Admittedly if we were to achieve Independence  within say 10 years, then that might see us see new Parties on the left and right competing  to be the government  and you can only wonder whether Plaid Cymru would exists in its current form.

Tony Blair never officially changed his party's name to "New"  Labour and that Brand Name has long ceased to be used.
I always believed that Plaid Cymru – Party of Wales, adopted the English Translation to prevent "Welsh" Labour claiming that title.

Anyway in the 20 odd years since Plaid has been registered as such, I don't recall the "Party of Wales" appearing on the lips of anyone.

I seriously doubt if a name change would make any difference and if Adam Price does not meet his obvious qualities by gaining seats in both the Assembly and Westminster parliament, then a new leader could be looking for another brand change.

For me Plaid are Plaid  I see no reason why it should be anything else.

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