Saturday, 23 March 2019

BBC seem to be in error over Plaid coalition plans.

Early yesterday like many a Plaid supporter was more than a little shocked  to see the headline on the BBC news website

Plaid-Tory coalition not ruled out by MP

BBC News· 1 day ago
Plaid Cymru and Conservative coalition cannot be ruled out after the next election in 2021, a Plaid MP says. Speaking on the eve of his party's spring conference in Bangor ...

It saw a rather predictable response from Labour 

“A Plaid Cymru and Conservative coalition cannot be ruled out after the next election in 2021, a Plaid MP says.” One of the least surprising political developments this year.
Plaid Cymru

Speaking objectively, I’m baffled. If you rule out a coalition, how do you govern as a minority without being the largest party by a considerable margin? It’s only been done once in 5 terms.

Does this mean that Hefin Davies think that one of the B,C,D plans includes a coalition with the Tories ? You could easily assume so.

But it seems as in Scotland the BBC may be in error. because if you click on the above  link the one on Hefin David'd twitter page link you are taken to a different story , in which Plaid Leader Adam Price stated that 

"Wales should hold a referendum on independence if a series of demands are not met after Brexit, 

It does goes on 
"Earlier, Adam Price ruled out entering a coalition with either Labour or the Conservatives to form a future Welsh Government.
He said voters faced a choice between him or the incumbent - Labour's Mark Drakeford - as first minister at the next assembly election in 2021.
Plaid and Labour have worked together in the past in the assembly, forming a coalition government from 2007 to 2011.
In a BBC Wales interview, Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards said his party "was not in the business of wanting to be a junior party to the Labour Party any more in Wales".
Speaking to BBC Radio Wales later, Mr Price insisted the MP was not advocating a Tory-Plaid coalition, but was saying that "Labour are as bad as the Conservatives in terms of their negative impact on people's lives in Wales"."
But it seems the originally story seized on with glee by Plaid's opponents has been deleted.

There seems to be no attempt by the BBC to defend their original story .

So it seems Mr Edwards was simply saying that the alternative to being junior partners to Labour who have nothing to offer is an equally unpalatable one with the Tories , who also nothing to offer Wales.

We must remember that the BBC is not the impartial news agency it claims to be 

BBC journalist has questioned the attitudes of some colleagues in London regarding Scottish independence in a documentary about the 2014 referendum.

In the programme t, veteran broadcaster Allan Little said that some colleagues thought “that our responsibility was to produce a series of pieces to demonstrate how foolish it would be to vote Yes”

Mr Little, who had worked for the BBC for more than 30 years at the time of the referendum, told the programme:
“I know how hard my colleagues in London work at trying to get it right.“I’m not cynical about that but I was quite surprised by some of my colleagues failing to understand their own assumption that the Yes side was wrong.”
It seems   

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