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Chanel 4 joins BBC with commissioning "Colonial Comedy".

There's a actual lesson from the news that after there was much criticism  if the BBC Pitching In which was wildly seen as an "insult to Wales'": Channel 4 has commissioned what seems a similar project.

The much-hyped six-part series, has attracted a torrent of criticism from those who've accused it of being culturally tone-deaf and "an insult to Wales and the Welsh language".
As Wales Online tell us.
The chief complaint seems to revolve around the fact that despite being shot and based in Anglesey, few, if any, of the actors featured actually hail from the area, with many of the accents on display being either English or from the South Wales Valleys.         phil ...@RedLlwynog
The most unforgivable thing about is casting loads of South Wales actors, who all proceed to attempt North Wales accents. The only North Wales actress (Valmai Jones) however, seems to be butchering a South Wales accent.
Lazy lazy casting. Woeful. Should be axed.
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Aled 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿@AledGwynWiliams
Did nobody realise Anglesey is mid way between Aberafan and Devon?
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It seems as if this show has gone down like a cup of cold sick with the audience. I hope, for you all, it was more fun to make than it was to watch. @BBCWales
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Surely there's a Welsh production company out there who can be commissioned by a Welsh TV station to make a Welsh based drama with actual Welsh people, accurate accents and better portray our modern, progressive thinking
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Pitching In's acting came in for little better either, with one unimpressed viewer describing it as "The Welsh Eldorado", drawing comparisons with the Beeb's long forgotten and little lamented Costa del Cobblers soap set amongst UK ex-pats in Spain.   

Now Channel 4 has commissioned a new documentary series following the adventures of Benidorm star Johnny Vegas and his assistant Beverly Dixon as they attempt to create the ultimate holiday camping site.
Llas Vegas (w/t) will see the duo source five single-story vintage buses and renovate them for a glamping site in North Wales.
With no previous business experience, Vegas and Dixon will be pushed to their limits to get the glamping site ready for the summer season, especially as neither have conducted renovations of this scale before.
“I bought a bus online. Not because it’s what showbiz folk do, but because my camping van got nicked and it had been my wee bit of creative space heaven,” commented Vegas.
“I’m suddenly, finally trying to turn a “What if?” into a “Well why not?”. Borrowing cash, sorting out red tape via Bev and taking a risk on the fact that other folk will want to spend time in a place that feels special. But I get it. As no doubt the bank manager might say, I’m not the most organised person, but I tend to invest in passion. (Ooh, get him!).”
The four-part series will be produced by Plum Pictures for Channel 4 and executive produced by Will Daws (George Clarke's Amazing Spaces).

It seems that there are those who see Wales as purely a holiday venue and that even then it is avenue that needs English Entrepreneur to run it.

The actual truth is that it has elements of colonialism especially with the news that  Staff at a North Wales holiday park have been asked not to speak Welsh while they are at work.
The Daily Post reports that 
Greenacres Holiday Park in Morfa Bychan in Gwynedd has confirmed that they ask workers to speak English in certain parts of the kitchen "to prevent miscommunication".

They were responding to claims that a meeting had been held to ask staff to speak English rather than Welsh "for the purposes of guest safety".
However, a spokesman for the park said staff "can and do speak Welsh in all other ares of the park".
 For the purposes of guest safety, team members in specific areas of our kitchen are asked to converse in English when on shift.
"This policy is solely to prevent miscommunication which could lead to vital information such as customer allergies being misunderstood.
"Team members can and do speak in Welsh in all other areas of the park on a daily basis.
"Any suggestion that the park prohibits our members of staff from speaking in Welsh is categorically untrue."
Porthmadog town councillor Simon Brooks and Gwynedd county councillor Selwyn Griffiths met with management at Greenacres today.
Cllr Brooks said they were "very concerned" about the policy of asking staff not to speak Welsh.
 While I am aware of their argument, it is in fact illegal for people in Wales to be told not to speak Welsh," he said."I suggested it would be sensible for Greenacres to contact the Welsh Language Commissioner to find a sensible way forward from this.
"I understand that, within an hour of our meeting, they had voluntarily referred themselves to the Welsh Language Commissioner, which is positive and shows they do understand the sensitivities surrounding this. As local councillors, we're happy with their decision.
The fact that the park is called "Greenacres"  in Gwynedd of all places is indicative, one couldn't  imagine a Spanish resort  aiming to attract English visitors calling itself Sandy Bay!

The Johnny Vegas vehicle has apparently been given the working title Llas Vegas, an appalling pun, and one which seems to be part of an English believe that you have only to had an extras L to a word to make it sound Welsh , but Plas Vegas  or Plas Fegas would work and then only if Johnny Vegas character had the same name.

I presume that if it has been commissioned , that there may well have been a "Pilot".

If this so then maybe it should be shown to a wider audience in Wales and the views of the people it may well be insulting. 

Will we be seeing BAFTA category for Best Colonial Comedy in the future?

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