Friday, 15 March 2019

Brexit: "It must have been done on night shift!"

The other day the always astute John Dixon over at Borthlas reminded me of a notice that , appeared in offices throughout the UK

It further reminded me that sometimes it is only at the end of a process, that the final inspection shows that the product is so flawed, that it can't be passed over to the customer who placed order.

Some times it is impossible to find out where the "cock Up" occurred  and it sometimes leads to a claim that

"It must have been done on nightshift!"
 Sometimes the flaw has been pointed out by inspectors at a very early stage, only for management to say its OK carry on it will be alright  in the finishing stage.

Sometimes  there will be those on the shop floor who, point out that the management should never have taken on the order as they did not have the necessary equipment to ensure a quality product.

So we have Brexit a product that has been flawed from the very start and the responsibility lies with former Prime Minister David Cameron, who having took the order left the company so to speak and his successor Theressa May who clearly did not have the skills to oversee it to its conclusion.

But she is not solely responsible , those who were there to constantly inspect the Brexit project particularly Jeremy Corbyn, had a duty to stop it or try and fix it , but he seems to have the same idea as the management  in letting it go on to end even if it ends up with the customer be less than happy with what has been delivered .

Whether they return the product as "Not up to the specifications they ordered , is open to question.

But it could well be that those who oversaw the project Cameron , May and Corbyn may well have destroyed the companies reputation  and even bankrupted it.

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