Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Corbyn and May are both taking us to a disastrous No Deal Brexit

We are due to exit the European Union on March 29th and we after months of months of haggling and debate we are still in the dark over what exactly going to happen.

Jeremy Corbyn may well  has accused Prime Minister Theresa May of having led the UK into a "national crisis" on Brexit, but he has not once given an alternative  to the Tories Brexit and we are left in as much confusion  over what would happen if we had a General Election (and Corbyn as PM) if Labour would either secure an alternative to an Hard Brexit or take us in to a second referendum , whether it was a vote to Remain or Leave or multiple choices.
The Labour leader told the Commons she had "cynically run down the clock" to force MPs to pick from "unacceptable outcomes" - her Brexit deal or no deal.
Since delaying last week's Brexit vote, she had won no "meaningful reassurance" about MPs' concerns, Mr Corbyn said.
In this He's Right 
Mrs May had been "dragged, kicking and screaming" to schedule the vote for the week of 14 January  by Labour, he added

It is of course a vote that all the indications are that she would lose .
Mrs May hit back, saying that Labour had "no alternative and no plan" and "the national crisis is an opposition that is irresponsible, that puts its party interest first before the interests of the British people".

In that She's Right.
Ahead of her Commons statement on Monday, Labour had threatened to push for a confidence vote in the PM if she failed to timetable a vote.
Afterwards, a party spokesman said it was "disgraceful" that - by that date - a month would have been "wasted".

Jeremy Corbyn had demanded a “vote of no confidence in the prime minister” at about 6pm after May told MPs she would delay holding the Brexit vote – which was pulled last week – to the week of 14 January.
The Labour leader said: “It’s bad – unacceptable – that we should be waiting almost a month before we have a meaningful vote on the crucial issue facing the future of this country.”

But Labour deliberately chose a form of words that was different from that formally required to begin the process of trying to force a general election under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, arguing that if May were to be defeated, it would have “political force”.

it is left to the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens to act as a True opposition and force a real no confidence vote .

The always impressive Liz Saville Roberts pit Mrs May on the spot by reminding her that she can delay evoke Article  50  so we can work out an exit that is not disastrous.

"The Prime Minister knows no better deal will be found in Europe & no majority can be found in Westminster" makes Wales's voice heard in Westminster

0:52 / 0:52

see it here 

The latest Polls indicate little change in voting intentions , and a General Election result whicjh would change nothing.

Westminster voting intention: CON: 40% (+2) LAB: 36% (-1) LDEM: 10% (-) UKIP: 4% (+1) GRN: 3% (-1) Despite Corbyn's recent bluster, it is getting close to March 29th and Labour either need to support a second referendum very, very soon or force a vote on extending Article 50 and prevent a No Deal Brexit.

Always assuming that Corbyn doesn't share May's increasing enthusiasm for it.

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