Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Why are the BBC ignoring the new SWALEC Championship?

A month into the new Rugby season fans of Clubs such as  Pontypool , Ebbw Vale and my own Beddau , who tune into the BBC Red Button to see how their side are getting on will find its a fruitless search.

Since the reorganisation of the Leagues  in Welsh Rugby. The Premiership  has seen the sides in it reduced and a new 2nd tier"The SWALEC Championship"  consisting of the bottom  clubs from the Premiership and the old first division East and West added .

This appears  not to have come to the attention of BBC Sport who neither show the result or the Tables for the Swalec Championship on its Red Button Text service.

A Bit of searching on the BBC Website will get you the fixtures results and tables   for the SWAL:EC Championship but its not easy to find  from scratch.

To be fair to the BBC they are not helped by the Welsh Rugby Union website which is far to complicated and very user unfriendly and who themselves are slow to up date the results and tables even when you find the league your club is in.

Fortunately there s an excellent site All Wales Sport which is easy to use and seems to be updated fairly quickly.

For those interested the current Table for theSWA:LEC Championship reads

Ebbw Vale550024
Cardiff Met530216
Tata Steel520311
Bridgend Athletic52039
Glamorgan Wanderers51137

So five  Matches in its looking grim for the once mighty Pooler

But it's a disgrace that the BBC Sports department have not yet caught up with the developments in the WRU leagues and why haven't the WRU and the BBC  Wales Sports department contacred them to bring things up to date?

Mind you I'm probably going to use All Wales Sport in the future anyway

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