Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Assembly sets up two committees on smoking on stage!

The Western Mule reports  that

The Welsh Government has postponed a vote on a controversial bid to grant film makers exemption from the indoor smoking ban that was due to take place next week.
Instead, it has suggested that two committees of the National Assembly should hear evidence about the economic consequences for Wales if the exemption is not brought in.
Currently, filmmakers who wish to depict actors smoking have to use digitally created imagery or fake cigarettes and cigars. In England, filmmaking already has an exemption from the smoking ban, and creative industry representatives have convinced the Welsh Government that contracts and jobs in Wales will be lost unless the ban is relaxed here too.
Western Mail October 9th 2012 

Two Committees? . We are in the mist of ruthless cuts and out Assembly government argue about whether Actors can be seen smoking?

We need realism in our Arts there are some parts that would be pretty  poor if the Actor was not portrayed assmoking,

But it is the 20th century and surly special effects can come up with a realistic means of depicting this?

What of Actors who don't smoke or don't want to are they to be refused parts unless they light up with a real Woodbine (or whatever people smoke these days).

A biography of the late Parti Quebecois leader René Lévesque, would be ridiculous if he wasn't seen constantly smoking

René Lévesque

as would one of Winston Churchill without a cigar:  But would an actor who didn't smoke  be unable to play these parts?. Or would a realistic substitute  be given. Actors don't usually drink real whisky on stage whwn the part cakks for it .

To me its not a problem we have an indoor smoking ban and it should apply to all I can't see having any real effect on a film and stage industry. Or is opposition to it  merely to placate a few actors who can't use  a synthetic cigarette or who hope to have a few puffs when working?

Still the Assembly have much moere important work to do than this attempt to partly reverse a ban which is vital for public health to indindulge a few luvies.

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Pads said...

A Labour government relaxing legislation to protect the health of workers. All too credible.