Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mixed result for Galician Nationlist.

It would be wrong of me after yesterday post on the Elections in the Basque country not to comment on the Elections in Galicia which were held on the same day.

PartyPopular voteSeats
People's Party of Galicia - Partido Popular de Galicia
Socialist Party of Galicia - Partido dos Socialistas de Galicia
Galician Left Alternative - Alternativa Galega de Esquerda
Galician Nationalist Bloc - Bloque Nacionalista Galego
Other parties137,0900.960.33Increase0Steady
Blank votes38,4102.691.03Increase

So the right wing Galician of shoot of the  federal party Peoples Party  PP, increased its majority and the left Galician wing of the federal Socialist P arty PSOE lost heavily.

The election saw The Galician Nationalist Bloc lose votes and  seats,  The BNG  is a Bloc of various Parties mostly left 

 According to its former leader, Anxo Quintana, BNG is not an independentist party, yet some individuals and organizations within it may express a sympathy for the idea. in fact the Largest Party in the Bloc  (UPG) supports independence since 2011

The BNG can be considered a nationalist, mildly pro-independence, left-wing and pro-European part who have not totally committed to Independence,

The Big winners in Galicia was the new party Galician Left Alternative - AAGE  led by former BNG leader Xosé Manuel Beiras  Beiras took  part in the foundation of the BNG () as member of the National Directive Board. In 1985 he gained a seat at the Galician Parliament and gradually became the indisputable leader of Galician nationalism. Beiras took the party to its best results ever in 1997, receiving the support of almost 25 per cent of the electorate. 

AEG is a coalition of Nationalist Parties like Beria's new left Galician nationalist party (Anova) and Spanish federalist United Left, Spanish Greens and other Parties .

Combined  AGE and BNG together got 24,15% of the popular vote, which would have been a good result .

It seems all the Galician  in the BNG and AEG are on the left are there are no centre or centre right parties   of any significence  like the largest Parties in the Basque county and Catalonia  (EAJ-PNV  and CiU ).

It could be that the right in Galicia like the right in Wales are largely Conservatives who are centralist and have no interest in promoting further Autonomy

The poltics of Galicia however seems to be to complex for someone Blogging from darkest Beddau, to predict how it will turn out.


It seems that 9 AGE members consist of 5 United Left members and 4 from Anova


Anonymous said...

You are right to flag up the absence of a centre/centre-right nationalist party in Galicia as part of the reason for the PP's relative strength. However part of the reason is that as far as I'm aware, the PP in Galicia tends to be rather more regionalist/ 'Galicianist' then its equivalents in Catalonia in the Basque Country.

glynbeddau said...

Anon . You are probably right of course . But as the call grows in Catalonia in the Basque Country then I suspect they might become more nationalist rather than religionist.