Thursday, 4 October 2012

We need a Plan B for Wylfa

It seems Plaid, may not to have to worry about  splits in the Party over Wylfa B as the chances  of a new Nuclear power station being built  on  Ynys.Môn (Anglesey) diminishes .
The BBC. reports that the leading French-Chinese consortium has dropped its bid to build an £8bn nuclear power station on Anglesey.

They report that...

The Horizon project to build new reactors at Wylfa and Oldbury, Gloucestershire, was put up for sale by German-owned E.ON and RWE in March.Areva and the Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation Holding (CGNPC) did not submit a bid by Friday's deadline, saying their interest was "suspended".Two other companies were thought to be interested in taking over the project.The American power giant Westinghouse and the US-Japanese partnership GE Hitachi were also predicted to submit bids.

BBC October 3rd 2012 

Meanwhile the Beeb .also report that...

Hundreds of problems have been found at European nuclear plants that would cost 25bn euros (£20bn) to fix, says a leaked draft report.
The report, commissioned after Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, aimed to see how Europe's nuclear power stations would cope during extreme emergencies.
The final report is to be published on Thursday. The draft says nearly all the EU's 143 nuclear plants need improving.
Anti-nuclear groups say the report's warnings do not go far enough.
For its part, the regulatory body for European nuclear safety has urged the Commission not to use language that could undermine public confidence, ...
 BBC October 3rd 2012

Whatever you views on Nuclear Power (and I'm against) It does look that the Wylfa B project is doomed .

Would it nor be better then to divert the energy and expense promoting something that may well not happen to creating real and immediate jobs on the island?

Lets face it most of those who will be building the reactor will come from outside the North Wales and it would not be till the building is complete that local opportunities will occur.

Since  NDA announced that the existing station would be shut down in 2010 because operation beyond then would be uneconomic . A new station may not even be built  before the current one closes.

It time that the powers that be face up to the fact that there probably not going to be a Wylfa B and come up with an alternative to a Nuclear Station .Or are we going to waste our efforts and money on supporting (or yes opposing) a project that seems domed for at least two decades?

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The Red Flag said...

The Westinghouse consortium is also reprted in the Financial Times as now being unable to get funding from it's chinese partners. (behind the scenes what's going on is the chinese want a 100% ecgnology transfer of the APR1000 so that they can build a bigger version in china).

So of the three 'bidders' loudly proclaimed by the local MP in the local rag 2 days ago, one has fallen by the way side, one is in financial tatters and the third - Hitachi - has put so many clauses in it's bid that they are in reality a non-runner.

Ha fucking ha