Saturday, 13 October 2012

No News in the Mule.

The Western Mule must think there is no news  at the moment, as they attempt to repeat an earlier story about  Plaid Cymru President Jill Evans ,. Claiming that she has been strongly criticised  (Vaughan Gething)after a video was posted to the internet showing her allegedl  her taking part in a "quasi-baptism ceremony" in a forest with supporters of the Free Wales Army

However probably at the insistence of lawyers  the Mule adds
Many of the participants – though not Ms Evans – say ‘Cymru rydd’ (free Wales) immediately after having their foreheads sprinkled with water from the well by a man with a shaven head.
Western Mail October 12th 2012 

So she was a observer not a participant and any one attending the rally may well have looked on  perhaps in sympathy, or to have a giggle,or more likely out of curiosity.

All this has led the same Labour Am Vaughan Gejhing to virtually repeat his original statement, from the previous story.

First we saw Plaid’s President Jill Evans addressing Free Wales Army supporters in front of the paramilitary FWA flag and now in this latest video we see her taking part in some kind of nationalist baptism at a forest well.
“Many of the people there, including her own husband, chant ‘Cymru rydd’, and several of those present have FWA patches on their arms. It is utterly bizarre.
“It is hard to believe that this is a President of a party that was only recently in government in Wales.
“Together with leader Leanne Wood’s extraordinary republican oath of allegiance at a Cardiff wine bar, Plaid Cymru is turning into a laughing stock.
“It seems the nationalists are more interested in associating with radical fringe groups than in engaging in serious politics.”
Western Mail October 12 2012 

Syniadau helpfully shows us the videos at the rally including  Roger Williams the LibDem MP for Brecon and Radnorshire, for those who don't recognize him) was speaking in front of the very same Free Wales Army banner.

Which Gething and the Mail seem to ignore.

So we have a pathetic attempt ny Welsh Labour to smear Jill Evans ably added by the Mule  when throughout Wales Labour Controlled councils are reverting to their old despotic arrogant ways.

Jac o' the North recently made a in depth comment on this and Y Cneifiwr fives us an almost daily exposure of the Labour led Carmarthen Council

But all the Mule can do is virtually repeat the same Bullshit again  from Vaughan Gething and the Labour party.

The Editor of the Mule wants to wake up he can carry on turning his paper to a version of Sunday Sport (not missed) or revive the constant decline in his readership by providing us with serious news.


Anonymous said...

Martin Shipton is an anagram of "I write Labour shit". Almost

Anonymous said...

I've stopped buying the WM. I used to buy it because it was the only source of news from wales, not I can get that for free without the British nationalist slant.

Has Vaughan Gethin said anything about the bizarre oath of allegiance to some old English woman and the millions of deaths caused by the British army of which he's probably pround and non-questioning.

Note to Plaid leadership and AM. Don't apologise. You've nothing to apolagise for.

Rather have a baptism ceremony saying 'Cymru Rydd' than swear allegiance to the English crown any day. Allegiance to an English monarch which doesn't speak my language - now that is bizarre!

glynbeddau said...

Anon 10:53
John Dixon has done a good piece in his Borthlas Blog.

Anon 10:38
It is a real anagram of "Inapt Shit Norm" w
Which may be close

MH said...

Just one small point, Glyn. Jill did take part in the ceremony, 4:20 into the video. What she didn't do, at least audibly, was say "Cymru Rydd" afterwards. Some did, some didn't. No big deal either way.

Anonymous said...