Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Parity with Scotland.

The agreement signed by Cameron and Salmond has all the hallmarks of a treaty between two Nations. Cameron has agreed d that the Scottish Government has the right to call and  conduct a referendum on Independence.

Plaid MPs should ask him in the fullness of time when a Welsh Government wants to call a referendum on even further powers will he grant them the dame rights?

It looks like a victory all round for Salmond  despite claims that they lost out on the third question issue.

Since the Scottish Independence referendum will not have a third Devo Max option which most of the political commentators claim was far the preferred option of those eligible to vote.It is the Unionist and not the SNP who have lost the argument.

Unless they formed  a united front on what the Scottish electorate can expect in the wake of  No vote in the election the Nationalist could well claim that if the Scots wanted more powers then Independence is the only option.Since they have no way  to determine what Unionist Party will win the next election or what goes in their manifesto and as we know from Nick Clegg pledges mean nothing.

Already the Lib Dems have broken rank and are talking about a Home Rule Plan allowing the Scottish Parliament to collect almost all income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and air passenger duty - but not VAT, alcohol or excise duties.

It also proposes the UK adopting a federal system, which would create a series of regional and national parliaments and assemblies across the United Kingdom, with a federal government retaining powers over foreign affairs, defence, currency, welfare and pensions.

I can't see either Labour or the Tories going along with this, and it will be interesting  if they can give the Scottish electorate Cast Iron Guarantees on what extra powers they would devolve to the Scottish parliament the whole Union case could collapse in disunity and mistrust.

Meanwhile Carwyn Jones has indicated at least some of Welsh Labour, believe that whatever happens in Scotland. Wales need to consider the implications. He said.
 “I would regret enormously any decision by the Scots to opt for independence.“However, as I have made clear, a major change in Scotland’s relationship with the rest of Britain – or its separation from the rest of the UK – would require a radical reconsideration of Wales’ constitutional relationship within a re-defined United Kingdom.
He continued...
That’s why, earlier this year, I called for the establishment of a Constitutional Convention to agree a new constitutional settlement for the UK which is fit for the 21st century. My vision of a new UK is a union which is politically diverse, looser, and combines several centres of democratic accountability.
“So, rather than simply allow events in Scotland to unfold, and to react passively to whatever happens when it happens, I believe that political and civil society across the UK should be talking now about what kind of UK we want to see. Whatever happens in 2014, the constitutional status quo is unsustainable.
Western Mail 16 October 2012

Plaid, must also consider their position when looking at what the Unionist Parties are offering Scotland, as an alternative to Independence, and compare it with what Wales have now  and the fact that  they will probably offer us nothing more .

Well the LibDems might.

They are also proposing the UK adopting a federal system, which would create a series of regional and national parliaments and assemblies across the United Kingdom, with a federal government retaining powers over foreign affairs, defence, currency, welfare and pensions. although they claim that..
 that different parts of the UK may wish to move at different speeds towards federalism, adding: "The move to home rule status for Scotland, in which it enjoys a federal relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom, is a first stage that can proceed ahead of the rest."

BBC 16th October 2012

Which in reality gives us no indication on what on offer for Wales but it doesn't look like it will be remotely on par on what they are offering Scotland.

Hard line Nationalist may argue that Plaid should only argue for Independence but if you have a clapped out old banger and want a powerful new car (ecological and fuel efficient of course) you may be happy to run a middle range car for a few years while you wait.

So Plaid whilst backing a Yes vote in Scotland and campaigning for Independence  could well use the Slogan

"Parity with Scotland whatever the Result"


Anonymous said...

The problem with the Lib Dems' plan is how would they ever implement it? They are in government now but they don't appear to be having much positive impact on the coalition.

Anwyay, Wales won't get independence any time soon but if we focussed on what we could get and what the public would support, the next steps, then we might start getting somewhere. There is such a long way to go. If Scotland leaves it will hopefully be a kick up the backside for unionist politicians in Wales. If Scotland stays, I worry that complacency will again set it and we will be stuck with what we've got now.

Anonymous said...

If its good enough for Scotland - Its good enough for Wales !