Sunday, 8 July 2012

University Merger or Takeover?

Wales Online  in its latest piece of Lazy journalism (just quoting press releases) or giving a positive gloss to Labours Welsh Assembly plans plans to merge the University of Glamorgan and Newport University.

If approved, it would represent one of the biggest mergers ever seen in Welsh education and bring together five campuses and more than 30,000 students.

The  Current Break down is approx.

University of Glamorgan 

Students 21,496

University of Wales Newport

Students 9500

Merger? looks like a Take Over to me .

In is report  Gareth Evans states ..
"As potential partners go, Glamorgan and Newport were always two of the more likely. Based less than 20 miles apart, they specialise in similar disciplines and serve the same demographic"
.Yes Well .
As the to current Universities seem to offer courses in some of the same disciplines Design, Film, Sport, Business for instance.One would expect these being transferred to a single Campus.

But any potential Student  thinking of a Joint Degree better consult a Time Table between the two  main Treforest and Caerleon.

So quite along journey. Aber Students who in my time used to find travelling from " Yr Hen Coleg" to the Penglais Campus should count their Blessing.

I am not adverse to College Mergers.However size is not necessary always the best reason and one wonders when potential students look at the  prospectus the geographic size of the campus will put some off. I can't see it being an attraction.

Both Universities have been through several name changes already with people in Pontypridd still calling Glamorgan University "The Poly (Polytechnic of Wales" and some older residents still revering to the "School of Mines". So with a new name its going to need some expensive marketing.

A new name for the merged University will probably see some forelock-tuggers naming it after one of the Windsors . What about naming it after Dr William Price ? Who had connection's with both areas and whose Radicalism and views on free love might be attractive to Students.

In all the proposals whilst possibly making some financial savings seems to offer little in improving the standing of either University and indeed could well see them dropping down in the rankings .but I hope not but I suspect in 10 years time we will not so much  have a "Super University" as a "Mediocre University".

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Cibwr said...

There was one suggestion when the old Poly of Wales became a university... The Diana, Princes of Wales University. Fortunately clearer thinking prevailed.