Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cameron reaches out to Euro Sceptics.

Proof that the Tories realise that they are in trouble and they could easily lose the next General Election. comes with news that  Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested he could call a referendum on the UK's relationship with Europe.
In an article for The Sunday Telegraph, he acknowledged that the country's position within an evolving European Union must have "the full-hearted support of the British people".
But he insisted that the vast majority of the public did not support an immediate referendum on whether Britain should be in or out.
This comes a the Tories see a rise  of support from right wing Rivals who are neck and neck with the Libdem in the polls
And with nearly 100 Conservative MPs angry about the LibDems sitting in Ministerial Cars they think they should be in writing to Mr Cameron urging him to make it a legal commitment to hold a poll on the EU during the next parliament  he may be hoping to keep his Party rebels in Line whilst winning back votes from UKIP.
But how realistic are the chances of Cameron calling a referendum
Well it would be ridiculous to call a referendum before there's one on  Scottish Independence which could be a game changer in itself  .So there would be unlikely be one until mid term of the next Parliament  so about 2017and what will be the makeup of the UK parliament then?
The referendum would not be about pulling out of the EEC but renegotiation of the Lisbon Treaty but would hardly be binding unless it calls for a second referendum on the result.
As a democrat I am quite happy to see a referendum on Europe. I suspect however faced with the option of staying with the EU or becoming  a trade vassal of the USA the majority will chose the former.
Cameron like the rest of some of his Cabinet seem to be making statements proposing polices which go down with the right but in which they can't or have no intention of carrying out.
Like Tony Blair before him Cameron is full of duplicitous rhetoric but unlike Mr Tony he can't quite make it convincing.

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