Thursday, 12 July 2012

Call for Independence.for Isle of Man.

In the wake of the referendum some representative in the Governments' of he Isle of Man and Jersey  have questioned their relationship with the UK and whether they too should seek full independence;

Chief Minister Allan Bell  however said government has no plans to change its constitutional status as a British Crown Dependency, according to the island's chief minister.

Allan Bell MHK was responding to Rushen MHK Laurence Skelly's call for an independent review into the benefits of breaking ties with the UK.

"Now is not the time to raise a major question over the island's future," said Mr Bell.

Mr Skelly asked for the review in Tuesday's sitting of Tynwald.

The Rushen MHK said: "A fresh look at the pros and cons is long overdue."

Last month Jersey's Assistant Chief Minister Senator Sir Philip Bailhache said the Channel Island should be ready to become independent from the UK.

In Man, Mr Skelly said:

"It is very topical at the moment following the deputy chief minister of Jersey's comments and it is appropriate to ask the same questions here in the Isle of Man.

"I think we need to review our constitution status and have a look at what the options are."

Cynics may think that this call has come partly because of perceived UK governments cracking down on tax avoidance.

However it is strange that both Nationalist and Unionist don't mention the Isle of Man in particular when debating the Union.

The Isle of Man and the Channel are an internally self-governing Crown Dependency and officially not part of the UK..

Although the dependencies are British possessions of the Crown, and are not sovereign nations in their own right, the power to pass legislation affecting the islands ultimately rests with their own respective legislative assemblies, with the assent of the Crown (Privy Council, or in the case of the Isle of Man in certain circumstances the Lieutenant-Governor).In 2005, Jersey followed the Isle of Man and Guernsey in creating the role of Chief Minister to serve as the island's head of government.

The UK government has paramount power to legislate for the Isle of Man on all matters, it is a long-standing convention that it does not do so on domestic matters without the island's consent..

Both Manxx and the Channel  Islands are  neither membership nor associate membership of the European Union. Protocol 3 of the UK's Act of Accession to the Treaty of Rome permits trade for Manx goods without tariffs

And yet while we See call for Independence. There's no call for all are "Better Together" and Man and the Channel Islands to send MP to Westminster.

If there no problem with these Islands being self governing if not Independent. Why is there one with Wales,Scotland and Cornwall?. Particularly if its a case of Culture and History

It can't really be a case of geography. It has probably always always been easier to travel from London to Man than toNa h-Eileanan Siar" (Western Isles), in Scotland.

The case of these Islands has always shown that size in the British Isles can't be used as case of Self Government at least.

These calls in the I.O.M and Channel Isle have probably fallen at the first hurdle but it is clear that Westminster influence is waning outside London it may only be a trickle but it could grow into a torrent in years to come.

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