Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Libdems face Scottish extinction.

The Sunday Times, this weekend published  a poll the paper  ran with Real Radio, conducted by Panelbase.  The Poll shows the SNP Government is still the most popular party in Scotland and has even slightly increased its share of the vote from May 2010

Constituency  Vote
SNP: 47% (+2%)
Labour: 32% (±0)
Conservative: 12% (-2%)
LibDem: 6% (-2%)

Additional Members
SNP: 46% (+2%)
Labour: 28% (+2%)
Conservative: 11% (-1%)
Greens: 6% (+2%)
LibDem: 4% (-1%)

Better Nation  from where I nicked this data reports that According  to Scotland Votes site  this would lead to its an interactive predictor and you will have to leave the  independents both  1.5 in the constituency  and i and  4  on the columns

SNP: 68 (-1)
Labour: 41 (+4)
Conservative: 11 (-4)
Green: 5 (+3)
LibDem: 3 (-2)
Ind: 1 (1)

The SNP claim that the poll shows them increasing their number of seats .and could well be right.

Even so its clear the SNP government has not lost its popularity after a year since the last election and 5 years running Scotland.

But perhaps the biggest result from this is that the Conservative  and Liberal Democrats have totally failed to recover and even fallen back .

The Libdems indeed seem to have even lost those voters who have identified with the party and voted with them no matter what.They must surely be at rock bottom because if they do not make some recovery soon they could end  up ceasing to exist all together in Scotland.

There appears to have been no question on Independence in the poll but maybe the Sunday Times are holding it over until next week.

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