Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Silk. People have "limited understanding" of tax issues".

The Guardian reports that
Two-thirds of Welsh people believe the assembly government in Cardiff should be able to set its own income tax rate and have the power to borrow, a major survey has revealed.
The survey, the most comprehensive of its kind undertaken in Wales, found that most of its citizens believed the economy would be boosted, public services enhanced and the Welsh government made more accountable if more fiscal powers were devolved. However, when told that spending on public services in Wales was greater than money raised through taxation there, only a third of those surveyed said they would be prepared to pay more taxes to make up the shortfall.
Clearly there is a problem with any shortfall, but there should be a way of addressing this concern . Counting  defence expenditure diffidently for tax raising for instance.

But commission chairman Paul Silk said

"Our remit is very clear - we must come up with a package of recommendations likely to command a wide degree of support.
"While the results show clear support for the devolution of tax and borrowing powers, we must be mindful as a commission of the concerns they also reveal.
"It was also clear from the report that there is a limited understanding of taxation issues and from the outset we have sought to address this.
I find this worrying.

It looks like he is preparing an excuse that no action should be taken because the welsh public "Do not understand Tax"

It can be claimed that people have a limited knowledge of political issues when it comes to voting and vote for the Party they "Think"  best matches their beliefs, hopes and aspirations.

It is generally accepted that if a proposal is in a Party's Manifesto than a second chamber should not veto it outfight..

The number of voters who examine Party Manifesto is very small but people have general idea of what is coming from the government that takes power.

It's a bit like the old saying

"I don't know much about art,But I know what I like".

Those taken part in the survey clearly had a good idea what they like and they liked the idea of Wales  should set its own tax rate.

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