Sunday, 1 May 2016

Unison deliberately misinforms members on Plaid and Green policies.

There has been  Understandable anger by Plaid and the Greens  over  a leaflet produced by the Trade Union  Unison over a leaflet which is misleading.

The leaflet is designed to promote the Labour Party on the best possible light but deliberately misinterpreted both Plaid and the Greens policies.

It is possible someone in Unison scanned the rather scant "Welsh" Labour Manifesto for polices it approves on and then decided what he or she thought was the polcies  of the other parties without bothering to check them and somehow present Labour in the best posible light.

The Plaid leader Leanne Wood has written to Unison to clarify the Party position


Many Trade Union supporters who support Parties who backing for Union rights and campaigns  are better than Labours over the last 40 years are sick of the Hierarchy  pouring money into Labour coffers only  to see that party betray them.

On the subject of dirty tricks maybe the Lib Dems in Ceredigion should think twice before sending a lying "Council Tax Bill" to the Plaid candidate


I know they are desperate but making such blatant falls claims  is hardly  going to enhance their claims to be a honest party.


  1. As someone who was a member of Unison since its Inception, I am not surprised by this blatant attempt at misrepresenting other parties to the advantage of Labour.

    Working in predominantly Labour local authorities in South Wales you quickly become aware of the political loyalty of Unison at a local level, often to the detriment of its members.

  2. Agree with anon, UNISON in Wales is nothing more than a front for the Labour Party and the fact many in Plaid Cymru can’t or won’t admit it even in private is a concern.

    UNISON are responsible for the stitch up in Merthyr & Rhymney Labour Party getting UNISON Head of Health Dawn Bowden a safe seat at the expense of good local candidates, Dawn will win easily enough because her only opponents are UKIP but she didn’t have to work hard to get her seat and is guaranteed it until she retires.

    Is the tipping point that pushes Plaid’s Trade Union section to become more active, engaged with welsh employers and attending rallies under their own banner?