Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Labour make frantic plea to Welsh voters.

I wonder if Carwyn Jones has received some gloomy reports from his front line  troops as the Assembly elections in Wales?
For a Party that has dominated Welsh Politics for so many years Labour they should surely be confident with the Tories in power in Westminster  making gains next Thursday.
And yet Carwyn  has apparently made direct appeal to Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrat and Green supporters to lend their votes to Labour.
The Welsh Labour leader said left-leaning voters should side with his party to stop the Conservatives.
Some analysis of the  latest polling data has revealed where the closest contests in next in Wales are likely be that includes a admittedly dubious prediction that Plaid may take Aberconwy and Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire from the Tories 
There seemed to no attempt by Mr Jones to reach out to any of the other Parties by offering some kind of improvement over Devo Dipynbach and fighting for increased powers for Wales
So why should supporters of a Party with an obvious spring in their step as Plaid have sitch to a party that offers them nothing. Especially as the same Polls suggest they could become the official opposition in the Assembly
With three days to go, other parties are attack Labour's record in office.
Speaking on Sunday, Plaid leader Leanne Wood said:
 "After seventeen years of managed decline in our public services, the people of Wales have a once in a generation opportunity to deliver real change for our nation."
Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams whose Party face a further of loss of seats  so would not like to see any more votes going to propr up a declining Labour vote  Thursday said a generation of children had been "left behind" under Labour.
She said
: "Ministers say they took their eye off the ball, casually accepting that a generation of young people have been let down due to Labour complacency. They should be ashamed."
The Greens also  will probably see that Labour have nothing to offer them'

OK all parties in the election have seen the spectre of Ukip as a means to plea for people to switch their second vote to them .

But Carwyn's Plea is to stop the Tories who can't win this election anyway.

I can see the reason for sometimes switching your vote to prevent the election of a party you despise .

But to switch your vote to a Party whose record of running Wales in the last 17 years as be lethargic at the best seems pointless.

From my position if I thought my second vote in South Wales Central would,t help Plaid to get at least one seat on the regional list then i would switch to the Greens.

But even in Regions where it would not help to give my second vote to Plaid  I  have seen nothing in Labours flimsy manifesto to convince me they deserve my help.

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