Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Alun Davies takes no personal responsibility of his loss of vote,

Although Plaid saw big swings in the Rhondda wth Leanne Wood  making a spectacular gain  and Cardiff West where Neil MCevoy also came close to making History it was not the  biggest swing of the night.

Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Cardiff West
LabourMark Drakeford11,38135.6−11.5
Plaid CymruNeil McEvoy10,20531.9+11.9
ConservativeSean Driscoll5,61717.6−8.3
UKIPGareth Bennett2,6298.2+8.2
GreenHannah Pudner1,0323.2+3.2
Liberal DemocratsCadan ap Tomos8682.7−4.3
IndependentEliot Freedman1320.4+0.4
Vapers In PowerLee Woolls960.3+0.3
Labour holdSwing−11.7

Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Rhondda[1]
Plaid CymruLeanne Wood11,89150.6+21.1
LabourLeighton Andrews8,43235.9−27.3
UKIPStephen Clee2,2039.4+9.4
ConservativeMaria Hill5282.2−2.6
GreenPat Matthews2591.1+1.1
Liberal DemocratsRhys Taylor1730.7−1.7
Plaid Cymru gain from LabourSwing

Te honour goes to Nigel Copner  whose remarkable effort has largely gone unnoticed.

Welsh Assembly Election 2016: Blaenau Gwent
LabourThomas Alun Rhys Davies8,44239.7−24.3
Plaid CymruNigel Copner7,79236.6+31.2
UKIPKevin Boucher3,42316.1+16.1
ConservativeTracey West1,3346.3+1
Liberal DemocratsBrendan D'Cruz3001.4−0.4
Labour holdSwing−28.0

I did wonder in this Blog after the elections if Alun Davies would have some explaining to do to his Labour colleagues?

It seems however  he's ready to blame everyone but himself 

In an interview with the Wasting Mule He said: 
“I think what we’re seeing in most of the constituencies in South Wales is a series of local by-elections. The issues that I faced on the doorstep were partly to do with the Welsh Government in terms of the future of the Circuit of Wales but generally and mostly to do with local government issues, whether it’s to do with recycling or the future of town centres, litter, fly-tipping – those sorts of issues which people are very concerned about and rightly concerned about...
I wonder what his colleagues on Labour controlled Blaneau Gwent council think of Mr Davies seemingly blaming them for His failures as a AM.

Davies has been involved in a number of incidents since becoming an AM.

According to Wikipedia  (its a long piece but worth reading).
In 2013 he was criticised by the cross-party Environment and Sustainability Committee for being evasive during a question session and giving contradictory answers:[4]"In a letter to the Finance Committee about the Natural Resources department's budget, the AMs said: "We are disappointed with the timeliness of information provided by the minister, and the oral evidence session, where a number of questions were evaded or contradictory information provided.
"We believe that this is an indicator of problems at the heart of financial management and planning of this department and we will continue to keep a very close eye on these issues both in-year and at future budget rounds.
"We believe the department's approach to financial management hinders general transparency. We are therefore unable to assess whether the budget is appropriately prioritised and is providing value for money."
In the Spring of 2014 he confessed to entering into a relationship with his own special advisor and that both had left their long term partners as a result. The advisor was forced to move roles.[5]On 10 June 2014, the First Minister announced an investigation into a letter Davies wrote to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) re environmental concerns with the proposed development of the Circuit of Wales race track in his own constituency. As well as making up part of his ministerial portfolio, NRW had expressed concerns re the race tracks development.[6] In an investigation undertaken by Permanent Secretary Sir Derek Jones CMG, his report published on 1 July 2014 concluded that Davies had breached the Ministerial Code.[7] The report noted that in March 2013, Davies had been advised by his own department not to lobby even as the AM in the case of the race track, but had ignored this advice and had then written to NRW as the affected AM.[7] The report also revealed that the First Minister had contacted Davies in August 2013, after Davies had expressed support for the circuit openly in quote to the Western Mail newspaper.[7] Davies faced no punishment by the First Minister, but endured sustained calls for him to resign due to his behaviour.[8]On 8 July 2014 he was sacked by First Minister Carwyn Jones following his repeated written requests to his civil servants for the private details of Common Agricultural Policy payments made to opposition members, including: Andrew RT Davies (Leader, Welsh Conservatives); Antoinette Sandbach (Conservative); Kirsty Williams (Leader, Welsh Liberal Democrats); William Powell (Welsh Liberal Democrats); and Llyr Gruffydd (Plaid Cymru).[9]

He however does not seem to acknowledge that the above played any part in  his spectacular loss of votes

    He might be right in   warning  against seeing this as growing support for Scottish-style nationalism.
    “If we try to over-interpret national trends in comparison with Scotland or elsewhere I think we’ll fundamentally misunderstand what’s happened in the Valleys.”
    But if he wants to be reselected let a lone reelected he might consider  examining his own record and addressing them.

    In the meantime I imagine Plaid strategists  may well be heading to Blaneau Gwent to ask their candidate Nigel Copner  and his team just how they almost pulled of one of the most dramatic wins in the party's history.

    Because after all despite Alun Davies' failings it was a remarkable achievement  for Plaid to persuade voters they and Mr Copner were the alternative.


    1. I knew Alun well in university. Generally good company, but an arrogant knob.

      1. So did I and I shared your conclusion.

    2. Don’t know why anyone expects anything else from Alun Davies, he’s similar to Leighton Andrews, talented but arrogant and obnoxious and his hatred of Plaid Cymru after defecting to Labour is well documented.

      And while the swing in Blaenau Gwent was huge and the campaign Nigel and his team ran was impressive, Labour still won the seat. In Alun’s mind, like Carwyn Jones and the rest of the Labour Party there’s no problem, Wales voted Labour again, for them nothing changed last week.