Sunday, 15 May 2016

Will La Pasionaria join Carwyn's cabinet?

Maybe the outcome  of the "Welsh" Labour Plaid talks over the appointment of First Minister  may have an interesting affect on the future of another Party
In. A joint statement  has said
“These talks were undertaken in a spirit of co-operation with a view to the formation of a Labour minority government as opposed to formal coalition talks.”
Shortly before the Labour/ Plaid Cymru talks began, a senior Liberal Democrat source confirmed that Kirsty Williams had been offered a place in Carwyn Jones’ Cabinet.

With La Pasionaria on board Labour will be one seat of a an overall majority but could relaxa bit 

According to the Wasting Mule 

Carwyn regards Kirsty as an ally,” said the Liberal Democrat source.
 “And that could be useful at a time when some of his colleagues are after his job.“With Kirsty on board, Labour would be back in the position it was in the last Assembly – with 30 of the 60 AMs on board.“It didn’t cause them too much trouble: they had five budgets to get through, which they managed with a bit of negotiation. They didn’t have much problem getting legislation through, as most of it wasn’t ideologically driven.”
But naturally there will be Labour AMs  unhappy about this a Labour source said: 
“A lot of people in the Labour Party would be unhappy if Kirsty Williams was offered a Cabinet position.“It isn’t just the fact that the Liberal Democrats joined up with the Tories for five years and Kirsty and co didn’t say a thing. A different result last year and Clegg and co would still have carried on with the coalition.”
The Mule claims that...
....appointing Ms Williams to the Cabinet would also reduce the number of Labour Cabinet members at a time when ambitious AMs are seeking promotion.The arrival in the Labour group of former UK Government Minister Huw Irranca-Davies, former MEP and shadow spokeswoman in the Lords Eluned Morgan, and other highly-thought-of newcomers like Jeremy Miles and Lee Waters makes offering Ms Williams a post a more difficult task for Mr Jones – especially as she cannot deliver Labour a majority.
We will see how talented these are  Huw Irranca-Davies hardly set the house alight as a MP and can you really rate someone who seems to have jumped ship because he couldn't face being in opposition in the commons,

 As far as La Pasionaria is concerned would however remove one of the most effective ( if not the) critics of the Labour Government over the years .

But being a party of one  and unless  Llywydd (Presiding Officer) Elin Jones is particularly kind , she will have far less speaking rights that she has enjoyed on the past.

The Lib Dems  had enjoyed the luxury of opposition for decades  before joining the coalition and found defending rather than attacking very difficult.

It would be interesting  to see how she reacts to becoming  a "Poacher turned Gamekeeper".

She has in the past hinted she may consider a future run for a Westminster seat when her children are older.

So she could  be nurturing ambitions to fight the Brecon and Radnor Westminster seat  (or whatsoever emerges from boundary changes). in the next UK election.

She may therefore well be weighing how joining a Labour Cabinet n the Assembly will  effect her chances of wining .

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