Monday, 2 May 2016

Zac Goldsmith once Attacked Daily Mail's 'Nazi' Links,

Now he uses it to smear Opponent.

I may have reported on Dirty Tricks by the Trade Union Union on behalf of the Labour Party . Followed by an equally deceptive tactics by the Liberal Democrats in Ceredigion but nasty tactics are they are they are nothing compared to Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith campaign against Sadiq Khan , in yesterdays Mail on Sunday 

With a banner headline   

On Thursday, are we really going to hand the world's greatest city to a Labour party that thinks terrorists is its friends?

Goldsmith writes
If Khan wins on Thursday, the world’s premier financial centre will be handed to the most hard-Left, intolerant, anti-business Labour Party since the days of Michael Foot. An economy larger than Sweden’s will be run by a party that backs wildcat strikes and flying pickets, wants to turn the clock back to the 1970s, and whose leader has described business as ‘the enemy’.Khan has flatly refused to rule out hiking taxes, which would deal a devastating blow to the engine room of the British economy.As a beacon of freedom, diversity and prosperity throughout the ages, London will always be in the cross-hairs of pan-European terror movements.The number one job of any mayor of London is to keep our city safe.Yet if Labour wins on Thursday, we will have handed control of the Met, and with it control over national counter-terrorism policy, to a party whose candidate and current leadership have, whether intentionally or not, repeatedly legitimised those with extremist views.Corbyn has described Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’.Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is a self-proclaimed IRA sympathiser.And the last Labour mayor, Ken Livingstone, has in the past few days shocked even hardened critics of Labour with grotesque comments about Hitler.Until this week, Khan was happy to parade the fact that Livingstone was endorsing him: now he can’t back away fast enough.Yet Khan is not running as an independent. He is running as the representative of the most divisive Labour party we’ve seen for a generation. He is running on the back of hard-Left votes he courted in order to win the Labour mayoral selection.

The Mail on Sunday chose to accompany this vile piece with  a picture of a double-decker bus wrecked by a suicide bomber in the 2005 terror attacks in London

Devastation: A double-decker bus wrecked by a suicide bomber in the 2005 terror attacks in London

It is perhaps ironic the in 2013 Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith launched an outspoken attack on the Daily Mail for its founder's support for "the Nazi cause", in the wake of the newspaper’s relentlessly hostile coverage of Ed Miliband’s late father.
Speaking at the Huffington Post UK’s fringe event at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester on Tuesday, the Tory backbencher defended the Labour leader's 'right of reply' article in Tuesday’s Mail, in which he accused the paper of a “character assassination” against his father, the Marxist thinker Ralph Miliband, who passed away in 1994.
Yet he uses the Mail to carry out a similar smear.
This is politics at its worse and although no fan of Sadiq Khan, I hope he not only wins on Thursday but with majority that sends a message to others that such tactics do nit work.


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