Friday, 13 May 2016

We mustn't allow opposition to Ukip to screw up the Assembly's Legislation.

Back in April  I blogged that 

In truth. I could back much of Ukip Manifesto but do I think its sincere ?

They included 
  • Launch a “full-scale independent inquiry into all NHS health services”;
  • Treat cancer as a “top priority” and develop a new cancer strategy;
  • Assign a specialist cancer nurse to everyone who is given a diagnosis as their “key worker in the acute stages of treatment”;
  • Ensure every person with cancer has a full needs assessment and written care plan;
  • Introduce elected local health boards;
  • Seek to train the required number of doctors and nurses;
  • Support the creation of a pharmacy-led “Welsh Chronic Medication Service”;
  • Ring-fence mental health funding at a higher level;
  • Pilot the integration of fire and ambulance service response “in an area where there is local support”;
  • Train fire personnel to also operate as paramedics.
Now I don't back all of them, but I would if the leader of another Opposition Party or government not reject them right away.

Om Wednesday AM Mark Reckless, said concessions on Severn Bridge tolls could change UKIP's  and  prompt them to vote for Labour's Carwyn Jones for Firt Minister.

OK, Mr Reckless shows his ignorance as currently, responsibility for the Severn bridge tolls is not devolved, although there have been calls for powers over them to be handed to Cardiff Bay.

But  is there any party in the Assembly not on in favour of scraping Bridge Tolls?

Ukip are  a populist right wing part but there will be times when it is quite possible that a AM from that Party could propose something that I could agree with.

Should the Government or opposition parties reject this because of its source?

Or be afraid of the sort of accusations from both sides that  we have seen this week over the deadlock over the election of the First Minister.

Are we going to see the 5th  Assembly dominated with rows of who voted with Ukip AMs or not?

We could have five years of Ukip mischief making preventing good government proposals or legitimate opposition.

I want to see Ukip as am irrelevance  in the Assembly using them to smear other political  parties is not good for democracy.


  1. You are right Glyn.

    We've already seen the usual Labour 'attack dogs' jumping on the smear bandwagon over the First Minister election.

    They've always been prepared to use fear and smear to attack political opponents, even when that means undermining the good governance of Wales.

  2. If UKIP are to be taken seriously in the Assembly, then Neil Hamilton needs to promise there'll be no England Euro Cup Song to follow his and Christine's World Cup offering - "England are Jolly Dee!"

  3. UKIP are proving as slippery as I thought they would be, all parties need to watch their backs.

    Off topic thought you’d be interested in a new website Transparent Wales, which has a searchable database of all Welsh Government expenditure over £25,000 since 2011 they’re also on twitter

    Also the UK Government has pulled funding for Cornish language and there’s a Parliament petition to get the grant reinstated, if you think it’s worth supporting sign it and pass it on

  4. UKIP didn't steal from the Aberfan disaster fund. They didn't wage illegal and aggressive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They didn't let the banks run riot or jump into bed with the Tories and vote for billions of pounds worth of extra austerity cuts.

    We need to get real here and work out who the real enemy of both Wales and the working class is before its too late.