Monday, 30 May 2016

Bank Holiday Old Joke corner.

A man was hiking in Snowdonia when he met a Farmer who dressed him in Welsh.
"I'm sorry I don't speak Welsh", said the hiker, "although I do understand some of it".
"Ah" said the Farmer pointing to his sheepdog. "So does he".
The farmer then told the hiker he should not  be walking alone in such a landscape.
"That's alright" said  the Hiker, "I've got a map"."Ah said the farmer, "but it doesn't show mist and fog on a map".

Just before the Scottish Referendum Mis Mctavish a Perth Schoolteacher and just  committed Unionist asked her infant class what had happened that Weekend.
"Please Miss", said  Stuart "My dog just had puppies and they are all for the Union and against Independence".
A week later she asked the class again for news 
"Please Miss " said Stuart "Our dogs puppies are now all for Independence".
"But you said last week that they were all for the Union and against Independence". cried Ms Mctavish.
"Yes", said "Stuart "But their eyes are open now"

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  1. love your indyref joke...I'll borrow that if I may. It'll go down well with my English relations.