Wednesday, 18 May 2016

We need an Election Commision with teeth.

One of the Liberal Democrat's MP for Ceredigion has received an open letter from one of his predecessors.

Mr Williams is now de facto leader of the "Welsh Liberal Democrats after the resignation of La Pasionaria.

Indeed he is the only person who can lead them as I believe the rules state that their  leader must be a MP, AM or MEP  and Mr Williams is with Kirsty resigning the only one left.

Anyway Mr Dafis letter is hard hitting complaining about misleading (to be generous) campaign literature .

Unfortunate  it only seems to be available via twitter and I have been not able to copy it successfully here. So you need to follow the link

If anyone can send me a copy or better link I would be grateful 
Anyway It raises the question . What action can be taken when a Party deliberately misleads  the electorate  or as in the case of the Tories "Battle Busses " seemingly fiddle their accounts so they are not seen to overspend on Constituencies.

Do we need to give a body like the "Election Commission  more powers 

At the moment 

The Commission produces guidance and gives advice on electoral administration to Returning Officers and electoral administrators in Great Britain.The Commission has set performance standards for Returning Officers and Referendum Counting Officers in Great Britain. These standards do not apply to local government elections in Scotland as they are a devolved matter.The Commission has a statutory duty to produce reports on the administration of certain elections (for example UK Parliamentary General Elections) and may be asked to report on other types of election (such as local government elections).
There does not seem any powers to order a rerun or fine parties that deliberately break the rules or even fine parties.

Of action is not taken then we will see a repeat of  misleading literature and creative accounting which ironicaly favours  those Parties with the most resources anyway .

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