Saturday, 21 May 2016

How many Welsh AMs or MPs "live" in their constituencies?

Imagine if it was a senior Plaid politician rather than former Wales Office minister David Hanson  who had called for a ban on people who live outside Wales being able to stand in the Assembly.
The Wasting Mule would be  seeking out "Spokesmen" to accuse Plaid of racism or pointing out that it would almost be impossible to legally enforce it.

Mr Hanson wants a clause inserted in the forthcoming Wales Bill to ensure that only people who live within the borders of Wales can stand as an AM.
He said: 
“I believe that we should be applying the same principles applied when people stand for council elections to the Welsh Assembly. This is an argument of localism.
“People who live in the area or region should be the only ones allowed to stand.” 
“For example, I have discovered that in this year’s Welsh Assembly election at least 21 candidates stood for election to either constituencies or regions who didn’t live in Wales. The most high profile of these candidates was Neil Hamilton...
“I strongly believe that only people living in the area should be able to stand for the Welsh Assembly. Living in a region or area is the link that enables you to understand the challenges and opportunities facing an area.
“That is why I will be calling on the Government to include an amendment to the Wales Bill that will bring elections to the Welsh Assembly into line with other elections and more importantly ensure that localism underpins the Welsh Assembly.
“If the Government refuse to add the amendment on their own accord I will table the amendment into the Bill.”
It is frankly ridiculous  that Carpet Baggers like  Ukip’s Neil  Mr Hamilton, whose home is a manor house in Hullavington, Wiltshire, is considering buying a mobile home so he can stay in different parts of his sprawling Mid and West Wales constituency. can show contempt for the electorate.
Except of course those who voted for him knew full well that he lived outside Wales.
Even if Mr Hansen was successful al Mr Hamilton has to do is rent accommodation in part of the constituency.

Is a bit Hypocritical anyway of Mr Hansen Party to bring this up when they have in the past parachuted candidates from outside Wales to save Welsh seats.

Does every Welsh Labour MP or AM actually live in their constituency and not ret or some property?

Former  Labour leader Michel Footss constituency Home was a small terraced house  in Blaneau Gwent
Michael Foots former constituency "home",

But he never "lived" there  he lived in leafy Hamstead . He stayed there  but you couldn't even call it a Holiday Home .

I wonder how many times after he retired he visited Blaneau Gwent and his old haunts if he had any?

Hamilton's case has highlighted the situation because the arrogant  bastard thinks that  he probably  doesn't even have to visit the people he represents now that he has been elected .

Its probably the most extreme example but he is in a long line of representatives  who speak about their constituency with pride even though thy wouldn't dream of actually "live" there if they were defeated or retired.

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