Friday, 6 May 2016

Well done Leanne something to smile about

Slightly knackered after staying up to watch the results . Though there were not much change except The Rhondda of course (and almost a major shock om Blaneau Gwent)/

The Regional seats ate still to come so not a complete picture so more tomorrow '

However Plaid Leader Leanne Wood can properly not worry about any challenge to her leadership.


  1. Worst of all world’s for Plaid Cymru, a personal triumph for Leanne Wood has plastered over the cracks of a fairly average performance, but Plaid Cymru’s leader and strategy is bullet proof when questions need to be asked. Like should the resources thrown at Llanelli have been ploughed into Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly instead?

    And we can unequivocally say the only reason for Welsh elections (council, Westminster and Assembly) is to refresh Labour’s mandate.

  2. I would disagree, in a day when UKIP soaked up votes from the other parties Plaid actually held and increased their vote, and gained a constituency seat, the only party to do that, thus while not being as good as we had hoped its actually an advance.