Sunday, 29 May 2016

A UK General Election around the corner?

Jeremy Cobyn could be in Number 10 by this time next year.
Whether there is a Leave or Remain vote / Cameron will still be faced  with  his Party being split for years over Europe and there will be some PMs wanting a blood letting
This will be coupled with investigations into the Conservatives 2015 election campaign spending, the Crown Prosecution Service .
The Electoral Commission have met with prosecutors and police to ask for more time to decide whether to launch criminal investigations into Tory spending.
The party faces accusations of breaking electoral spending rules by failing to record accommodation costs for bussing activists to key constituencies as part of candidates' spending, rather than national campaign spending.
Up to 29 Conservative candidates are thought to have benefited from the Tory "Battlebus" campaigns.
The party has admitted failing to declare £38,000 of general election expenses for accommodation costs, blaming an "administrative error".
This could just lead to a number of prosecutions and disqualifications removing Cameron's majority at a stroke.

Although we now have fixed term Parliaments  a loss of a vote of confidence measure would trigger fresh elections,
The Tories may well get away with it however .Not because they are innocent but because the deadline for any prosecutions is 12 months from the date of any offence.
It seems a short time for such irregularities to come to light and it will mean that any similar overspending Parties                                  
This may that this is the reason other Parties are largely remaining they may also be guilty pf "Imaginative Bookkeeping".

Amazingly so far the Tory bloodbath over Europe and allegations of Electoral Fraud does not seem to have done them much damage in the polls.

Probably because there is a largely compliant  media , who have failed to investigate the charges of electoral fraud in the same way the in depth coverage of the expenses scandal.

But if the The Electoral Commission and Crown Prosecution Service do their duty we may be seeing a change of Government sooner than expected.


  1. You may be right that Jeremy Cobyn could be in Number 10 by this time next year. I am confident that a lot more will be revealed over the next few weeks about the expenses scandal.

  2. You have a hard neck bitching about Tory electoral fraud when we here in Scotland watched our referendum corrupted by home based and Westminster MPs and three party leaders who ignored the purdah rule, ignored the Sky News report ON THE NIGHT, ignored the report from the EU monitors into irregularities in the venue in the counting and in the policing but worse than that Ruth Davidson Tory leader at Holyrood ordered that Postal Ballot boxes be opened to "ascertain the mood of the Scottish people", what she discovered was a huge swell to secede these fascist Disunited Kingdoms and find our own way in a Socialist Republic, aye fat chance every electoral rule broken, promises made on the day disenfranchised tens of thousands of postal voters who had to accept the corrupt scraps from Westminster's floor.
    so frankly, your struggle is happening because you lot kept quiet so tough shit, you reap what you sow..