Thursday, 5 May 2016

Wales Online fails us on Welsh Election Day

Maybe there something significant in the coverage on the Wales Online Politics Page this morning,

Follow the link  and you will be met with the following headlines 

David Cameron makes his pitch for you to vote Conservative today

Labour is a party 'for the entire community' claims Jeremy Corbyn on eve-of-poll trip to Wales

Jeremy Corbyn will be in Wales today on the final day of the Assembly election campaign

PM asked whether timetable for Tata steel sale next month is 'realistic'

There are a number of other links RT Davies making his pitch and space for the 
Wales Green Party leader Alice Hooker-Stroud but these are a few days old. The major coverage appears to be of the two Westminster leaders.

On the day of a solely Welsh Election  what is one of the major sources online for Welsh Political news  chooses to concentrate on the leaders of the two major Westminster Parliament.

A conspiracy theorist may think that this is a deliberate attempt to portray Today's election as a battle between Labour and Tories in the hope that electors vote for one or the other,.

You can be forgiven that the hope by Trinity House the owners of much of the "Welsh" newspaper industry in that they can claim that there is no difference politically between Wales and England.

I will be voting for Plaid on both ballots because I agree with them but also as a message to the likes of Wales Online that Wales as a political Identity exist.

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