Thursday, 19 May 2016

Plaid win first round in Assembly manoeuvres.

It does look like the "stunt" of last week in which Plaid' Leanne Wood  tied with Carwyn Jones in the vote for First Minister seems to have paid off
Despite this seeming to throw the Cardiff Bay bubble in to a chaotic frenzy it is clear that t would not have been repeated with the Tories planning to abstain this time,
But Plaid had thrown down an early marker and made it plain . that Labour with no overall  majority cannot hope to run things with out some form of cooperation,

Rather than wait to for a crucial vote to wield some form of agreement out of Labour as the price for their support. Plaid seem to have "got their retaliation in first" to quote the Irish and Lions Rugby legend Willie John McBride. 

It will remain to be seen what the result be of of the agreement between Plaid and "Welsh" Labour with regards the Agreement between the two parties.
At the moment  all we really have is the joint statement

We are pleased to confirm that the Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru groups have contacted the Presiding Officer in order to recall the Assembly, and proceed with the nomination procedure for First Minister,” the statement said.
“This will allow the successful nomination of Carwyn Jones as First Minister, and the establishment of a Labour Minority Administration.
“This follows constructive and positive talks about the parties’ shared priorities for the coming Assembly, and future working arrangements.
“The basis of the agreement reached, a Compact to Move Wales Forward, is the establishment of three liaison committees – on Finance, Legislation and the Constitution.
“This will allow formalised joint working on future priorities. However, this does not constitute a coalition, or a formal confidence and supply arrangement and both parties reserve the right to respectfully agree to disagree.
“The two parties have also committed to working positively together in the next six weeks to secure a Remain vote in the European referendum.
“The First Minister will today set out the next Government’s intentions for the first 100 days, including a commitment to prioritise those areas that enjoy support from across most of the Assembly.
“This will include work on: childcare; the delivery of new all-age apprenticeships; work on a New Treatment Fund for the NHS and a plan to increase the numbers of GPs and primary healthcare workers in Wales.
“There will also be a commitment to establish National Infrastructure Commission and a Welsh development bank.
 “Both Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru have also agreed to work on bringing forward proposals to re-structure the scrutiny and committee process to better reflect the institution’s Parliamentary responsibilities.“We believe the Fifth Assembly can be more open, transparent and democratic and we’ll work together towards that aim.
“We believe this represents an approach that will enjoy the support of the majority of people in Wales.”
To what extent this has been agreed on paper is unclear  but Plaid seemed to have pushed some of their agenda on Labour.

It what may well be a long fight . Plaid clearly have won the first round.

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