Monday, 23 May 2016

Y Ddraig Goch, Salitre and Estelada. Flags and National Identity.

Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey against Seville 2-0 yesterday it was even sweeter for Barca fans as they were allowed to unfurl Catalan flags at the match  after, the La Liga champions were granted a reprieve from a judge in Madrid (of all cities).

The cub had said the Spanish government’s ban on Catalonia’s separatist flags during the Copa del Rey final is “an attack on freedom of expression”.

Goverment Officials said the ban of the politically charged flags was approved as part of security measures being implemented for Sunday’s game at the Vicente Calderón Stadium, the home of Atlético Madrid.
In the end they were allowed  to do so 

 Barca fans had been planning on waving 10,000 Saltires instead of Estelada flags to show support for a referendum on independence.

The Official Flag of Catalonia is the Senyera 

Flag of Catalonia.svg

But Barca fans prefer to wave the estelada. and it is this which Madrid authorities tried to ban

Three years ago  it was claimed that  football fans at Wales' clash with Azerbaijan were warned they could be evicted from the stadium if they continued to wave the St David's Cross or Owain Glyndwr banners.
Only the Red Dragon flag was allowed by stewards. Their action was apparently backed by Millennium Stadium officials who said displays of political support inside the ground were banned.Though it seems this restriction has now ended 
I prefer Y Ddraig Goch anyway  but its  time that the authorities realise you cannot force people to accept the symbols of Regions tather than Nationhood
We were almost forced to get this
Flag of Wales (1953-1959).svg
Used from 1953 until 1959, depicting the Royal Badge of Wales after its augmentation of honour. It was rejected by the people of Wales and the flag reverted.
But it is a pity for many here  Y Ddraig Goch is little more than the way of showing support of a sports team and not a symbol of our Nation,

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