Sunday, 8 May 2016

So 31 MSP gives Scottish Tories a Mandate to say NO,

There appears to be very strange take on Democracy by the Media with the regards the Result of the Scottish Parliamentary Elections.

It appears that the Party that come second as won a Mandate to  decide Scotland's future in the Union

e • d Scottish general election, 2016
PartiesAdditional member systemTotal seats
Votes %+/−Seats+/−Votes %+/−Seats+/−Total+/− %
Scottish Green13,1720.6+0.60150,4266.6+2.26+46+4
Liberal Democrats178,2387.8-0.14+2119,2845.201-25
Scottish Christian1,1620.10.00011,6860.5-0.300000.0
Women's Equality5,9680.3+0.300000.0

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson who fought a campaign not so much as a Tory in the mild of her Westminster masters but as  a defender of the Union and providing a opposition.

So apparently in doing so and getting less than half the vote of the winning Party in the Constituency  vote it is she who will decide Scotland's future.

Notwithstanding pro Independence Parties have a Majority over the Unionists in the Scottish Parliament. 

The SNP failed to get an overall Majority because there was a well orchestrated campaign to persuade Scottish voters to switch their second vote to other pro independence Parties and clearly with the fall in the SNP being -2.3% and the Green vote rising by 2.2%

There was also an attempt to claim Scotland was a one party state by David Cameron of all people.

How can it be that a party that just failed to get an overall Majority does not have a Mandate but a Party with just over a fifth of the vote has one?

In Wales we have a Party  that could  if they wish form a minority government as in Scotland that does not mean that they have a clear mandate but it also means that no single party has a mandate simply to oppose whatever they put forward.

Both the Tories and Labour (especially under Blair)in London in the last number of years have sought a mythical "Middle England " vote and tailoring their polices to meet them abandoning what we used to call the working class 

The  "Scottish" Mail seems to thing "Middle Scotland" should  also speak for the whole of Scotland in the same way.


  1. More of the same from the Unionist media.

    Whatever the result of the election, they were bound to find something positive to put a spin on for the Unionist side, even though the SNP won a resounding victory.

    Watch out for more of the same SNPBad twaddle from the media as the dust settles on this election.

    1. Yes. It's hilarious here. You really would think Davidson had won the election.

      She's like a kid at primary school who's just been made window monitor at school and is going wild opening and closing all the windows and doors and starting to take over the book cupboard.

      Next she'll be head teacher by next week.

  2. I don't see any enthusiasm in Scotland or in the SNP for leaving the union. I don't think that independence has even been thought through and debated. No doubt the matter will be debated in the decades to come.

    1. Bill, what planet have you been on for the last two years?

  3. {Simple Glyn: They use british magic.}