Sunday, 22 May 2016

Is Kirsty a Puppet on a string?

God the Lib Dems have delusion grandeur.

The Party's attack dog Freedom Central have come up with  a headline to publicise their agreement to allow La Pasionaria to join Labour's Cabinet in the Welsh Assembly,
"Welsh Liberal Democrats endorse Progressive Agreement"
It would of  have been difficult once their sole AM Kirsty Wiliams had be announced as being appointed to the Cabinet job of Education Secretary to denounce it and leave La Pasionaria chastened on the back benches 

It is of course "Not a Coalition" so it laughable to see her seemingly to claim more credit than her party tried to project in the ill fated Westminster coalition which all but destroyed her party.

“The Welsh Liberal Democrats will now play our part in delivering real change in the way government works for the people of Wales.
“I will be in government as a Welsh Liberal Democrat, guided by our values and commitments.
“It is those values – of democracy, of commitment to education, of equality – that were at the heart of today’s conference. It was essential that the membership of the party got the opportunity to debate and vote on delivering our manifesto commitments.
“We have proved ourselves up to the challenge of finding common ground with others, and the confidence and ambition to work together for the good of Wales.
“I look forward to working with the First Minister, with cabinet colleagues, and with other progressives to reduce class sizes, deliver more nurses, be ambitious in our approach to housing, ending mental health discrimination, and supporting teachers and our young people to achieve the highest standards.
“I also aim to ensure that our universities and further education colleges are at the beating heart of innovation in our economy and core to the promotion of social mobility.”

As i have  often stated my admiration for La Pasionaria as one of the best the Assembly opposition members to highlight Carwyn's and his government failings but now she is part of that very government .

Can she and her party in Wales whilst praising education changes denounce the state of the Welsh NHS,

The Lib Dems and Labour should tell us whether  "Not a Coalition" tag means she has been given licences to speak outside the confines of Cabinet and is not tied to collective ministerial responsibility.

It would be sad that such a aggressive voice from the opposition benches will become little more than a Puppet in Carwyn's cabinet.

She is a formidable politician but then so whee some of Lib Dem colleagues who joined the Westminster coalition and where totally eclipsed by thier wiry Tory colleagues.

By the way  the cabinet members are to be now known as Secretaries  presumable to  allow those who have jobs outside the cabinet and are irked to see the plumb post of Education to one of their biggest critics some delusion of grandeur themselves

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  1. Probably bad news for the Lib Dems, but Labour had played a blinder. They’ve silenced the most effective, critical opposition voice by drafting Kirsty into government and left Plaid Cymru in opposition with Tories and UKIP knowing Plaid Cymru will have to vote with UKIP on numerous occasions for the next 5 years.

    Leanne Wood, her advisors and Plaid AM's have been royally conned and Labour will make sure the electorate won’t forget.