Thursday, 7 May 2020

The hypocrisy of the media over Johnson's moral outlook is outstanding.

This Blogger has always taken the view that I don't care who anybody sleeps with so long , as they don't tell me who I sleep with".
The hypocrisy of the "religious right" in the USA  in infidelities of President Donald J  Trump is stark, but our own media is also two-faced.
The news that Professor Neill Ferguson's UK government scientist met with married Antonia Staats, 38, twice during the lockdown - despite leading the government advice to put the country into quarantine to stop the spread of coronavirus is of course grounds for his resignation, but  the media shifted it into an attack on his morality
Headlines in the Sun , with 

Professor Neil Ferguson’s lover said lockdown ‘strained’ her marriage a day after the couple enjoyed a secret romp.

are appaling.


But it not confined to the right wing media , the BBC referred to Ms Staats as Professor Fergusson as his "Mistress", whilst our Prime Minister moves his lover into no 10.

I am no

t a fan of Janet Street Potter , but you must admit that she has a 


She also claimed "double standards" as she said the situation would be different if the Prime Minister was female.
r:  writes
"One question bothers me - why oh why, does Boris Johnson keep fathering children?
Multiple mothers sends out a message, and it’s not one I find particularly attractive or appealing.

"But why keep at it in your mid fifties?"
Boris is already believed to have five children, which makes the new addition to the family his sixth.
The Prime Minister has four children with his ex-wife Marina Wheeler.
Johnson also has a child with art advisor Helen Macintyre, after their affair while he was still married to Ms Wheeler.
Janet added in her column for Mail Online: "The sub-text is – I’m a macho man who still has sex and can produce spawn."
She also said she didn't particularly welcome the news amid the current situation as the UK battles the coronavirus pandemic.
The star continued: "Ordinary folk still can’t get a coronavirus test (the government website crashed yet again and most of us aren’t allowed back to work yet because we’re not considered ‘essential’.
"Meanwhile, old people are dying alone and miserable in care homes.

Clearly Johnson had no control over the timing  of when his 

partner, gives birth but the announcement was treated in the same way as that of a royal birth including coverage of the naming of his 5, 5, 7? child.

As Potter Pointed out imagine a Female Prime Minister (or indeed ordinary ) MP who had given birth to children with multiple fathers,

Indeed it is the sought of thing Boris Johnson  in the 1990s, against a backdrop of Tory attacks on single parents,  let rip on what he regarded 

as the feckless working class, describing the children of lone mothers as “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate”.

His attack could have been written off as youthful idiocy had it been followed by an apology, but to this day he refuses to distance himself from the remarks.
Johnson clearly expects others to follow standards that he exempts himself from and it is this hypocrisy  that irks with me.
His private life is hia own , but he clearlt has an irresponsible attitude to his relationships and one wonders if this also reflects that he believes that some how normal attitudes regarding decency , does not apply to him and the public school  educated class he belong to.

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