Saturday, 23 November 2019

Last night proves Wales is an afterthought to Unionist Parties and Media.

Wales may have made the Rugby World Cup Semi Finals  and the Euro 2020 finals but whilst this does mean that we have  something to show to the world that we are in fact a Nation last night "leaders" debate proved once again that when it comes to recognition beyond sport we are no more relevant  than a English Parish Council.

With no representation from Plaid Cymru  there was no mention of Wales and that comparing the wealth generated in different parts of the UK show that Wales remains bottom of the league table, behind every other UK nation and every region of England. The so-called Gross Value Added (Income Approach) for last year was published today, with the figure per person in Wales at less than half the level of England's richest region, which was London.

Without such an acknowledgement it means that when the Unionist Parties (Nicola Sturgeon of course making the case for Scotland) made their pitch  whether Left Right or Centre , they proved they still regard Wales as little more than a English Region  and that what they offer in their Manifestos and unbelievable spending plans (not that they will be implemented) and after years of the failure of the "Precious" Union, nothing will change and it is irrelevant to us whether there is a Boom or Bust UK economy, we will still be bottom of the league.

That is the problem for Adam Price and Plaid Cymru  in UK elections excluded from the debate largely ignored by the UK Media , the opportunity to raise the profile of the party and Adam himself is denied.

This also reverberates into the future Senedd Elections a higher profile when it comes to this Election  could see Plaid matching the SNP in becoming the largest Senedd party.

It's a catch 22 situation. Plaid cannot win unless it  is seen as relevant in UK politics and can't be sen as relevant if it doesn't win.

The SNP managed to do this because the Scottish Parliament with real powers and the fact that Scotland is seen as an entity iin UK "National" terms.

It is ironic that Scotland flopped in the Rugby World Cup and may not qualify for Euro 2020  and yet it is already seen by the World as a Nation in their own right and in a few years make it an actuality.

Unless Wales wakes up however  we may even lose our football status and become England and Wales, in the same manner as cricket.

It could even happen in Rugby , We might just react then but it will be to late.

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