Thursday, 7 November 2019

"Abolisher of Tolls " resigns.

It has not been  a good start to the Tories election campaign .

Welsh Secretary  Alun Cairns  resigned after   following claims he knew about a former aide's role in the "sabotage" of a rape trial.

Alun Cairns wrote:

Dear Prime Minister
You will be aware of allegations relating to the actions of a party employee and candidate for the Welsh assembly elections in the Vale of Glamorgan.
This is a very sensitive matter, and in light of continued speculation, I write to tender my resignation as secretary of state for Wales.
I will cooperate in full with the investigation under the Ministerial Code which will now take place and I am confident I will be cleared of any breach or wrong doing.
It has been an honour to serve in your government and a privilege to see the positive steps you have made in such a short time. Your work to secure a deal to leave the European Union has been extraordinary and the opportunities it brings are exciting for all parts of the country. I thank you for your commitment to the Union and the way in which you have made it central to all areas of government policy.
My experience of seeing your work first hand with Cabinet colleagues gives me confidence for the future. Your vision and drive to move the country forward to meet the opportunities of Brexit and to protect and enhance public services is exemplary.
I will continue to work to support your vision and ambitions for the country and am grateful for the honour of serving in your Cabinet.
Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP
Secretary of State for Wales

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson replied:

Dear Alun
Thank you for your letter resigning as secretary of state of Wales. I am pleased to hear that you will co-operate fully with the Cabinet Office during this process.
I am extremely grateful for all the work you have done in the role as secretary of state since March 2016. In particular, I would like to put on record my gratitude for all the support you have given to this government in ensuring we honour the commitment to the people that we leave the European Union. Given your long service as secretary of state, you can be proud of your record of delivery for the people of Wales, in particular in ensuring the abolition of tolls on the Severn bridges.
This an unstinting record of service to the party in Wales with over a decade as assembly member for South Wales West where you were a vocal critic of the Labour government.
Boris Johnson
It is indicative, that Mr Johnson seems to think that the main achievement  of Mr Caorns ist he abolition of tolls on the Severn bridges. 

Of course  devolution has meant the role of the Secretary of State for Wales has diminished over the years and Mr Cairns seems to have spent his time trying to create a new role as the Secretary for West Briton with his Western Powerhouse  and placing much of South Wales under a Bristol led umbrella along with North Wales coming under the influence of Liverpool.
Cairns has of course announced he will stand in the General Election for the Vale of Glamorgan . If he wins he probably thinks that he wil have to spend a short time in purdah , before getting a new role in any future Tory Government.
But even if the electors in the Vale inexplicably reelect this disgraced politician , one can only wonder what Boris Johnson or any Tory leader could find for "The  "Abolisher of Tolls"
Indeed with the possibility of no Tory or Labour  MP in Scotland and complete non-entices, from Wales.
Both Johnson and Corbyn . may well decide to end this tokenism and create a Secretary for the Regions whose role is paradoxically  to make sure they don't make have any more powers and preserve the Union.

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